Can cats have bad dreams?

Is your cat sleeping in discomfort? Do you think it could be because of a dream?

We know the expression, shocking and confused and difficult to believe?

Well, tell us, is your little kitty twitching, again and again, moving its whiskers in sleep, producing odd or snoring sounds, and you are clueless about what is happening!

Well, cat is in dreams!

cat sleeping
Cat sleeping

On that note, let us help you with some interesting insights on the cat dreams!

So, to begin with, let us get you to the answer of basic question that has just popup in your mind

Do cats have dreams?

Yes, they do!

To shed light on this, scientists once did experiments on rats and cats and noticed that the brain cells of both creatures while awake and while sleeping were acting in the same pattern.

It was also then discovered that there are two types of sleep- 

. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and 
. non-REM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement). 

Dreams always appear in the REM phase. 

In short, if your cat’s eyeballs are appearing to move rapidly at a high pace, it must be dreaming. 

Now, start to check your kitty’s eyes!

Further, lets know more on types of dreams

Can cats have nightmares?

There are a lot of questions about do they dream like humans and do they have nightmares?

The answer is yes, they can have nightmares and can dream like humans too.

But their nightmares are not all about what they went through all the day, neither what they watched on tv, nor about the global crisis, or financial issues.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have scary stuff in their dreams!

Cats can have negative emotions, like

. Someone talked loudly with them.
. Watch any scary thing in the garden.
. Fight with random street dogs.
. Anyone talked with it in a loud voice.
. Something unpleasant happened to it, etc.

Considering the above-mentioned instances, you must be interested in knowing the exact details of their dreams.

So, keep scrolling!

What do cats dream? 

It is quite difficult to predict what the cat will dream about. But according to researchers, it is known that they dream just like humans. It shows that maximum kittens having a nightmare is all about:

. Memories- Cats can recreate some memorable experiences they faced recently- some are bad and some are good. Some can be frightening; some can be delightful.
. Needs and Wishes- Pet cats are dependent on their owners only. Whatever they give to their cats, they accept it with their open arms. But still, they do have some hidden needs and wants inside them which they reflect into their dreams.
. Fantasies- Yes, you heard it right. Cats too have some hidden desires and fantasies which they fulfil in their dreams. 

But sadly, we are never getting through too much that what our loving kitties are dreaming about. Hope that technology evolves and we get some device that can translate the meow of a little cat into a coherent human voice.

But, here are the basics to recognize the discomfort of your cat while sleeping, and that is, body language.

Cat twitches!

Why do kittens twitch in their sleep? 

Sometimes you all must have noticed that while sleeping, your little kitten must have been twitching. Or it is producing unusual squeaky sounds. 

We know that you all must be getting concerned. But there is nothing to worry about. 

These all are connected with REM sleep. Kittens twitch just because of the signals sent to their brain during the dreaming phase.

It is not a kind of attack or seizure. But it is a very rare condition. And if the twitching condition worsens and your cats also start to vomit, then consult your nearby veterinary doctor.

Now, when we are already sharing the dreams of cats, why skip your dreams about cats!

So, let’s get to another section!

What does the dream about cats mean?

You all must have seen cats in your dreams and are very curious to know what it indicates. Right?

Some believe that seeing cats in dreams is a symbol of intuition. And cat’s health will indicate what it will exactly mean. So, let’s roll on the intro and get to know what do cat dreams mean.

. If you are dreaming about a sick and unhealthy cat, then you must listen to your intuition rather than being practical.
. A healthy cat symbolizes independent spirit, creativity, and power. 
. An aggressive cat means that you are facing any kind of pressure and stress which is very difficult to hold.
. Dreaming about kittens means that you are very vulnerable, scared and you need help. 
. Being scratched by the cats means that you need psychological help.

Superstitions related to cats?

Cats are such a small innocent creation of god. But what they are famous about is their bad luck. 

Isn’t it gross?

Means that your full day will be decided by whether the cats have crossed your path (most famous and most renowned superstitions of all) or not!

black and white cat

Some superstitions related to cats are listed below which are from around the world. We are very sure that you are never going to look at your little kitty with the same view again.

. In the Netherlands, it is believed that cats are blabbers. They carry dark secrets and gossips from one to another. They can’t keep secrets. It is believed.
. In Japan, it is believed that if a cat is grooming, some unexpected visitors are about to come. 
. In the US, if a cat is cleaning its whiskers, some unexpected arrival is about to happen or is on the way.
. In Italy, it is known that if a cat sneezes, luck and prosperity is on the way. If it sneezes on the wedding day, that marriage is going to be amazing. 
. Black cats are the one who carries lots of superstitions. If black cats will load on the ship which is on its voyage, then the ship is going to sink in any condition.
. In Southern Europe, if cats will jump on the grave, it will raise the vampire. To nullify the effect, the cat has to be killed.
. In Indonesia, it is also believed that if a cat is wet, it will bring rain. To make the rain happen, people pour water over the cat too.

These are some superstitions and myths that one must avoid and love their kitties. They are the creation of god and must be adored and loved like other creatures on this earth. 

Is its good luck to keep a cat?

If you don’t have a cat and are planning to keep a cat but are unsure about whether to keep it or not, then here is the answer. 

Contrary to superstitions we keep about cats, here are some reasons why you should love them and keep them:

. In Ancient Egypt, keeping a cat is considered as joy, love, protection, dance, and music.
. It is considered good luck when a cat sneezes on your wedding day.
. In America, dreaming of white cats means good luck. And also, if you see a one-eyed cat, spit on your thumb and stamp it in the palm of your head. And make a wish. It will turn true.
. In Scotland, seeing a black cat on the porch brings good luck.
. In China, cats assure the luck of the owner. It is said that “Black cat or white cat: If it can catch mice, it’s a good cat.”
. In India, it is believed that it brings good luck and if you kill a cat, it will cost a gold for you.


Cats are the tiny little creation of god and just like human beings, it also sees the dream often get scared while it. So, it is necessary to always adore it with love and care.

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