Topaz Stone Meaning

“These gems have life in them.

Their colours speak, say what words fail.”

They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend. But we believe that every piece of jewellery is loved and admired by them.

Especially the gemstones. The colourful beauty. The shiny precious stones. The expensive ornaments.

Aren’t they too pretty to be existing? That too in every other colour? The world literally has a variety of shiny, colourful and expensive stones that are to die for.

But do you know that they are also used for special purposes apart from wearing them just for glamour and to show them to the world?

But what can be those reasons? If they are purposeful then they might also have some meaning and significance?

A you must know all about the things you love and want to buy, right? And on that note, we have brought all the details on Topaz stone meaning.

We know you are excited to read and learn about something new and we are equally excited to share all the information with you.

So, let’s begin with our contents first.

Topaz stone meaning
Mystic Topaz meaning
Topaz birthstone meaning
November topaz
Pink and Blue Topaz
The topaz stone symbolism
The topaz stone in ancient times 
The topaz cooling effect
The topaz stone in the Bible

Looks like full packed information on the Topaz stone. Grabbing this information is going to be fun.

So, let the fun begin!

The Stone Saga

We already know how a single thing can have different meanings and importance in two different cases.

Let’s see if Topaz stone has more than one meaning and usage or its significance is universally applicable?

  • Topaz Stone Meaning:

The topaz stone symbolism is believed to be associated with fire energy. It is also known as a sun filled gemstone which stands for high self-esteem and good fortune.

It is also said that topaz is a stone of nobility, purpose, passion and love.

Also, topaz is known as the birthstone for the month of November and December both.

This gemstone got its name from the Greek work Topazion, which was further taken from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ meaning fire.

This stone can be found majorly in Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, Burma and Australian cities.

 From the times of the middle ages, Topaz has always been a prized possession and a rare stone but over the times it became much more popular and is very much affordable as well.

Do you know that this gemstone has a mention in the bible? If you have read the bible more than once then you would surely know this.


In case you haven’t read it, read below to find out how and why it has been mentioned in the bible.

  • The Topaz Stone in the Bible

Is it really mentioned in the bible? Where?

“Exodus 39:10: ‘And they set in it four rows of stones: a row with a sardius (ruby), a topaz and an emerald.’ All of this is mentioned in the first row of the paragraph.”

But why?

Topaz is one of the twelve gemstones adorning the breastplate of Aaron and this is why it has also been mentioned in the bible.

Not just that but this stone has a rich tapestry of legend running throughout its story.

Also, there was a time when topaz was highly believed to protect people from their enemies and hence became a symbol of splendor and love.

  • The Topaz Stone in Ancient Times

This gemstone which is enjoyed for its beauty and colour have some roots from the past.

Centuries ago, topaz was found predominantly found in the red sea of an Egyptian island which is known as island of Topazos, maybe for this reason only.

The ancient Egyptians used to believe that the yellow topaz is created by the sun god ‘Ra’ and they also believed that wearing this stone provided them with both physical and mental strength.

In different parts of the world, where topaz was found or available through some means, it is believed that those countries had topaz reserved for royalty only.

No one apart from the royal family was allowed to buy or wear this piece of beauty.

Do you know when and where was this gemstone first discovered?

A Stone

Topaz was first discovered in Germany in 1737, it was a yellow colour topaz crystal. Later in 1740, this gemstone was also found in large numbers in different parts of Brazil.

Topaz birthstone meaning

Topaz as a birthstone has so many things to offer to its people.

The yellow topaz is the birthstone of November born people while the blue topaz is the birthstone of December born people.

Both of the colours of topaz are believed to provide its people with love and affection and separately they offer,

Blue topaz meaning:

Bluestone gives sweetness, love loyalty, friendship, honesty, clarity, emotional attachment, and disposition to December-born people.

November Topaz:

Yellow stone gives strength, divinity, manners and intelligence to November born people.

Pink topaz meaning:

This gemstone has an effect and energy of an amulet. Do you know that pin topaz is believed to vitalize the owner’s energy? From generations to generations, it has been always told that this stone hides the energy for the demons and that is why it is widely used for auspicious ceremonies and sacred prayer.

When it comes to significance and importance, the pink topaz is said to enhance the artistic qualities and creativity of a person who is associated with it.

Blue stone

Mystic topaz meaning:

If you are wondering which topaz color is this? Then let us help you with it. This gemstone is pretty easy to recognize as it has a rainbow shine.

The mystic topaz is an amulet that can be used to change a stiff situation.

Talking about its importance and usage, this gemstone is in possession of properties that can increase vitality.

Not only that but this gemstone can also be used to revive the declining energy in a person.

The usage of a mystic topaz is highly suggested when you want power to take actions or you wish to turn your dreams into reality.

The Cooling Effect

This is one of the most prominent characteristics of a topaz, its cooling effect. What is it and how is it useful?

Topaz is also known as a cooling gemstone because apart from all its qualities that are mentioned above, it is believed that topaz’s cooling styptic and appetizing effect has the power to dispel sadness, fear, and anger.

Not only that but it is said that a person who wears a topaz regularly stays safe from sudden death and poisons.

It also has something special to offer to both genders i.e. handsomeness and intelligence to men while fertility and happiness to women.

Topaz Earings

Well, topaz is truly a gem with so many useful qualities. A beautiful stone that has everything to offer everyone.


We are always curious about our lives and we often take help from the experts who can suggest remedies according to our zodiac signs and birth months.

Remedies which will help us to make our life better.

Well, to all the November and December born people, your problem is solved.

And even if you are not a November or December born, then also its fine because you can use this stone for its cooling effects.

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