Born with a Caul Superstition

“Birth is the epicentre of woman’s power.”

Birth is definitely the epicentre of a woman’s power and we know all the possible ways in which a woman gives birth. But what if one of the rarest ways has got some superstation related to it? Do you believe in superstitions? Are you interested in knowing a famous superstition related to birth? We are talking about the caul superstition. Are you an en caul or caul baby? Or someone you know has born with it?

Well, if yes then this piece of information is definitely for you and you must read it to bits. So, brace yourself and get ready to explore the world of birth superstitions with us.

Understanding the Rare

“There is a thin line between uninformed and misinformed.”

It’s absolutely true that there’s a thin line in between these two but the dangerous one is being misinformed.

So, let’s see you were uninformed or misinformed about the caul births all this time or you are already educated on the topic.

We are talking about caul and en caul births and the superstition related to it. But before exploring the superstition’s part let us quickly understand what is a caul baby?

An en caul birth is also popularly known as a “veiled birth” where a baby is said to be born inside a balloon and when the baby comes out it looks like he/she is completely gift wrapped in a soft bubble. You can make it out from its name what this type of birth is all about.

The caul birth which is different from the en caul, happens when a small piece of the membrane or sac covers the head or face of the unborn baby.

This basically means that your baby is born with a thin, transparent, and organic hat which is very easy to take off by quickly peeling it off or snipping it in just the right place to remove it. The procedure is done by the doctor or the midwife so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Born with a Caul Superstition
Born with a Caul Superstition

Coming to the en caul birth, sometimes in even more rare cases, the piece of sac or gat that covers the baby is big enough to drape over the baby’s shoulders and chest as well, in easy words it covers more surface area than what happens in caul birth. In the en caul birth the baby born like he/she is wearing a see-through superhero hood and cape.

And this is what the difference is in these two types of births. Also, an en caul birth is more uncommon than a caul birth.

The first thing that comes to your mind after reading about caul babies ‘is en caul birth dangerous?’, right? Let us clear the air for you.

While this birth is extremely rare since it happens in less than 1 in 80,000 births, it’s is still safe for mom and the baby and there’s nothing to worry about. The professionals know how to remove the thin membrane from the baby and after that your baby is safe just like any usual new born baby.

Also, to your surprise, caul and en caul births are so rare that most delivery doctors or midwives never get to witness an en caul birth in their entire careers and if they do, they consider themselves as the lucky ones.

And now when we know what caul baby is and how safe this birth method is, its time to move on our superstition and other details section.

Suspicions and Superstitions

“All men, however highly educated, retain some superstitious inklings.”

Are you one of those? The ones who try to find meaning of every strange or rare thing? We all do believe in some sort of superstition either because its too popular and suits our requirements or because our elders have passed some family superstitions to us.

Any which way, humans are surrounded by famous and not so famous superstitions and now we are about to share the superstition related to caul babies and some more details on it.

And this is what we have got for you:

Starting with what is the famous superstition related to the caul?

Born with a Caul Superstition
Born with a Caul Superstition

Not just one but there are quite a few superstitions related to the caul phenomena:

  1. Many famous people are said to have been born with a caul which is also why caul births are linked to so much superstition.
  2. In some culture and traditions, it is believed that there is a caul birth spritual meaning. These people consider en caul birth as a blessing because they are supreme or even magical in their cultures. 
  3. Babies born en caul are destined for greatness according to some folklore.
  4. In some cultures, being born with a caul is seen as a sign of good luck for the baby and the parents so much so that parents and midwives even dry and save the caul as a good luck charm for themselves.
  5. One of the most famous myth is that babies born en caul can never drown but since it’s just a myth and there are not proofs of the same, this isn’t true.


According to the bible, “Caul” is symbolic and refers to the membrane or some sort of covering of the heart that is meant to protect the baby.So, basically, it’s a layer of extra protection for the baby that is gifted by the almighty and hence should be considered special.



If we believe in what some cultures have to say about the caul membrane, it is believed that apart from an en caul birth considering spiritual or magical or looking at it as a sign of good luck, in the history of some cultures, en caul provides good luck in court, and grant safety on the battlefield to the person born with this condition.

But apart from all the bright side of the superstition, there is a dark side as well. Some caul superstitions were darker for example, a baby born with a caul membrane might become a witch in the future or will have the power to see ghosts as he/she grow up.

So, that was the caul significance, superstition and meaning of an en caul birth. We hope this information made things clear to you and form now on you won’t consider the caul as a disease or some danger to your baby.


With ever rare or strange thing comes a saying and superstition. And the best part about living in a vast world is that everyone has got something new and different to say. This means that you can take up any idea of a superstation that suits you the best and use its purpose for yourself. Talking about the caul superstation, it has got all good luck and blessing in it with a tiny bit of bright side that depends upon you to believe it or not.

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