While we were walking around in our garden this morning, we came across a green insect. That was looking quite different. While getting close to it and carefully observing it, we found out that it was a perfect body of an insect which was seeming as if it was praying.

And that was the time when we got the idea of sharing our discovery.

And so, we continued our research and discovered some amazing facts about this insect that none other than Praying Mantis.

Intrigued already?

 So, keep reading the sections as we have gathered the best of information that you wouldn’t want to miss about this unique creation of nature.

So, to begin!


  1. The name of this praying creature is derived from the Greek word “mantikos” which means prophet.
  2. When we see the mantis, we can clearly see the body structure looks like as as if they are praying for someone as they keep their front legs in the position to snag insect prey. 

   Hence, that’s the one main reason that answers, why is this insect called praying mantis?

  1. Mantids are mostly brown or green. Nature has given them a quality of hide themselves and staying safe by changing its colour. Brown praying mantids, hide themselves on brown foliage and stem, whereas, green mantids hide in greeneries

Isn’t fascinating! 

Now moving further, we are going to know many more things about this creature including the following:

  • What is a praying mantids totem?
  • Why are praying mantids important?
  • What attracts praying mantis?
  • What do praying mantids symbolize?
  • Are praying mantids good luck?
  • What does it mean when a praying mantid lands on you?
  • What does the Bible say about praying mantis?

So, now let’s start.


As we have already discussed that the word “mantis” means “prophet” or “seer” in the Greek language. And in different cultures, it is called “menos” which means “spirit” and “passion”.

This is the only reason why praying mantids is called the god of meditation. 

Considering that, we are certain, you would love to know about their importance.

So, lets explore!


Source: dreaming and sleeping

The praying mantids are very beneficial to the society and individual in the following ways:


Farmers and gardeners purchase praying mantids and leave them in their fields to prevent other insects and bugs to attack and destroy their fields. Instead of pesticides and fertilizers, which are very dangerous for the life of plants, they use praying mantis.

Especially during the winters when chemicals were very harsh on the plants, it was the praying mantids that were acting in the garden. 

But using mantids in the garden was attached with having a drawback. It eats everything. 

Yes! You heard it right.

The mantids are the creature who eats everything including good insects too which are beneficial for the health of crops. They are innocent praying creatures and unaware of what they are doing and what they are eating.


In the 16th century, Wand Lang discovered a fighting style in the name of the praying mantis. While he was the teacher of martial arts, he thought that the positions he was teaching to his students were not enough to be taught.

So, after watching the position of the praying mantis, he decided to incorporate that fighting style in the positions of martial arts. And his idea came out to be very successful. The pose of praying mantids was considered very effective.


If you all have watched the movie Kung Fu Panda, you must be remembering that there was a fighter named “mantis” which was the praying mantids who was having a huge knowledge of martial arts.

Among all fighters, he was the one who was quickest of all and some of the scenes, poses, and styles in the movie have been adapted from the pose of praying mantids only.

Isn’t it exciting? How an insect responsible for the whole movie?

Moreover, the movie portrays perfectly how praying mantids are shown and treated in modern society.


In the culture of Japan and China, the graceful movement of praying mantids is considered the good omen. Moreover, it is considered a part of Chinese martial art.

And according to the culture of South Africa, if you have spotted praying mantids in your house, it means that your ancestors are keeping the view on you. 

So, the praying mantids will be considered as the blessings of ancestors which can never be ignored. You also fold your hands when came across them. 

And just like it is considered as good luck in different cultures, it is considered a good omen in this culture too. As it is always in view to attack its food aka other tiny insects, it is considered cunning by many of them.

Yes, you heard it right! Cunning!

The precision of praying mantids is just like razors. The two legs in front which seem like praying are symbolized a razor here.

In many cultures, if someone sees praying mantids nearby, it is considered that their enemy is nearby. So, it is assumed that the person has to act with much more mind.

This makes the praying mantids one of the cunning and full of mind creatures on the earth.

But then there is sunshine, then there is darkness too. In the culture of Italy, if you have come across praying mantids then you are going to get sick or you are going to die shortly. 

After reading this, we are sure that you must have gotten the idea of what is the importance of praying mantids in different cultures! 

Moving forward, let us bring up the light of one their symbolism too


Spotting praying mantids anywhere is not in the luck of everyone. If anyone is fortunate enough, then only he can get the chance to have a look at praying mantids appmantids’. And trust us. It looks very mesmerizing. 

But the thing is it is not an easy task to get a look at it. 

Want to know why?

It is because they have the natural talent of camouflaging themselves. You just must get very much aware if you want to spot this little creature in the greeneries.

But what if you are able to spot them. We know you must be curious to know, what do pray mantids symbolize?

If we consider the spirituality aspect, the praying mantids symbolize peace. It implies meditation, mindfulness, and prayer. This can also direct you all that you should adopt any kind of spiritual practice in your daily practice.

 And that is WHAT IS Praying Mantids Totem.

But, Wait!

This was not all about the spiritual meaning of praying mantis.

There is one more interesting fact to know about the praying mantis. The pose of praying mantids is very similar to the pre-strike pose. 

Just the synonym of patience and balance. Therefore, the insect is introduced to us by the universe to show our leaving behind spiritual side again. 

Having said, can we consider the presence as ‘good luck’ for us!

Lets find out!

Source: cool astro


It is a thing to be noted that praying mantids are carnivores and have the appetite of many other insects. They are very clever and wait for the perfect time and moment to attack. People know them for their patience.

They know very well that if they got very anxious, then they will lose their feast and all their hard work will be wasted. 

Taking the account of all the qualities, we learn the art of not stressing about anything too much and having patience and wait. Good things take time and your goals and ambitions will be procured by you when working hard.

And hence, the presence of them around you can be sign that our spirit guides are around us and telling us to remain calm. 

So, how can we not say them as good luck as they bring up the most important message needs to be reminded in all difficult times.

If you spot praying mantids in a dream simply pray, because praying mantids are around you indication the property is about to knock the door. 

Furthermore, tell us, what if this insect not in dreams, but in real lands on you?

We know you must be hopeful already to get the great news already.

So, without further ado, lets us share one truth!


While having a morning or evening walk, if praying mantids have hopped on you by anyhow, then there is nothing to get freaked out about. 

It is always considered as good luck. 



Source: daily hampshire Gazette
  • In Christianity, the praying mantids are the symbol of piety. So, if they land on you, then it means that you are going to have a huge peaceful time in yourself. 
  • According to Muslims, praying mantids are always facing Mecca.  This implies that they are the creatures of God and they bring utmost good faith if came across you. 

And hence, here are some important lessons that comes from What Does The Bible Say About Praying Mantis?

In Bible, the name of praying mantids is taken that if you are spending time with them, you are spending time with god. They are known to follow two spiritual disciplines. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Praying Mantids is reflection of emotions and changes at a single time. All we have to do is to join our hands and remember god every single time we close our eyes. We can have faith in god.

Just like mantids, we should be waiting in peace. God will act when needed. We are the child of God. They will never leave us alone in any difficult situation. 

So, tell us readers, would you like to attract Praying Mantis in your life? If yes, let us tell you little more now!


If after reading the article, you all have urged to have the praying mantids in your garden, then all you must do is to carefully observe the environment. Some of the praying mantids must be hiding in your garden itself. 

If the garden is grown organically, then it is the maximum possibility that praying mantids must be hiding nearby only. So, all you have to do is to create an environment that is bug friendly. 

They are the one who is attracted maximum by rose or raspberry family plants. Along with that, if you all wanted to have them in your garden, then you must be having tall grasses and shrubbery for the praying mantids which provide shelter to them.

Are you planning to keep them?

If yes, then keep adult mantis. They are very easy to get handled and taken care of. If they are having plenty of insects and a suitable hiding place to hide, then it is making the possibility maximum that they will stay. 

They are easy to catch and they eat and give benefits to the plants more than anyone else.

Final words:

Now if you ever see praying mantis in your garden, then there is no need to shoo them away. All you must do is to leave them and let them do their work. 

Because of its importance that they are serving you by eating wild crops and wild insects which are meant to destroy the crops. And second thing is that they are written in Bible that they are the most peaceful insect one should ever have. 

Hope you all have liked the article. Just jot down in the comment section if you know anything else about them. 

Thank You!

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