Dream of Black Dog Attacking Me

“I have had dreams, and I have had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams.”

We are in the world of dreams and you are warmly welcome here.

Dreams have always been a mystery for everyone and people often look out for meanings for their strange of impossible dreams. And you will be glad to know that we are here to help you in decoding the meaning of one such that has one of the most loved creatures on the planet aka dog and yet you don’t admire that dream at all.

We are talking about the dream where a dream dog attacks the dreamer and that is obviously not a sight to behold. But is there something else to this dream? Does this dream appear with a message? What that message can be? A warning? A good or bad omen?

Let us find out everything about it and unfold the mystery called the dream of black dog attacking me.

Dreamy Land

“If you have a heartbeat, there’s still time for your dreams.”

Indeed, if you are still alive then you can still have the pleasure of dreaming and being in the dreamy land while you are asleep. Not only that but you can also look for the meaning of dreams which if you think, contains some sort of message or warning for you.

But a good dream isn’t always a carrier of some good message and a bad dream isn’t always a hint that something bad is about to happen. Some bad dreams are actually a helpful warning to be careful or to make the necessary change in your life.

And on that note, we must quickly find out what does it mean to have a dream of black dog attacking me or why do dogs flock to me? 

Dream dog chasing me:

Dream of Black Dog Attacking Me
Dream of Black Dog Attacking Me

Are you getting chased by a dog because you are playing with him/her in your dreams or it looks like something else completely? If a dog is casually chasing you in your dream, then it has a lot to do with your real-life anxiety and running away from facing important issues. Is this what is happening with you?

Dogs are loyal, loving, and non-judgmental creatures who are known to adore their humans more than anything. When you dream of dogs, they are often carrying a message for you and this message is majorly related with the dog wanting to help you in some way with your real-life issue.

Another important thing you should focus on is whether the dog that attacked you in your dreams was full of anger? If yes then this dream is a hint that you’re having a conflict with someone in your real or waking life majorly a disloyal or untrustworthy person in your life whom you should be careful with.

It is popularly believed that if a black dog attacks you in a dream, it signifies that you need to focus on yourself more in life as this dog can actually be that person in disguise who is not good for you in real life and shouldn’t be with you anymore as they can attack you in some way or the other.

While a black dog attacking you is a very specific dream related to disloyal and untrustworthy person in your life, in general black dogs in dreams are considered to be a way to processing grief, depression, loneliness, and separation from a loved one. Have you faced something similar just before you saw a black dog in your dreams? Not the attacking you!

If yes then this dream is quite different from the one where you are getting attacked. Dreaming of a black dog is also seen as a representative of deep emotional change and transformation that you are going through in your real life. Black dogs are also considered as guardians of the shadow realm and can appear when you are moving through an emotionally rough patch in your life for example losing a loved one.

We have prepared a lot more information on this topic that will help you in understanding everything related to dog dreams in detail. So, if you are looking for more answers, continue reading.

The Dream Dictionary

“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.”

Our dream dictionary is full of answers related to human’s best leading men called dogs and the dreams in which they appear.

And now, we are about to discuss some more aspects of dog related dreams that are crucial to understand these dreams and their meanings.

When reality becomes too boring or harsh, we often take solace in our dream world. Isn’t it the best way of escaping reality by entering an imaginary world that belongs to us only, that is only in our head and nobody can steel or peep into it?

But what to do when this space becomes a little weird, scary and leaves you with so many questions once you wake up? What happens when one creature is repeatedly visiting you in your dreams? What does black dog sighting meaning in dreams?

Let us begin with understanding what does a dog represent?

The dog is believed to be one of the first domesticated and most loved animals, and the major reason behind this connection and special treatment is dog’s symbolical association with loyalty and vigilance, often acting as guardian and protector to their masters.

Apart from that, Dog spirit animal is a powerful symbol of unconditional love, safeguarding, devotion, fidelity, and strong faith. From past so many centuries, dogs have been considered a faithful companion and reliable protector, who will always remain truthful to you.

This is also the reason behind dog’s increasing popularity and favouritism as he also symbolizes playfulness, positivity and energy in life.

What is the spiritual meaning of a dog in a dream?

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about dogs indicates generosity, loyalty, protection, and intuition. Since dogs are sincere well-wishers of humans, they bring knowledge of the self to awareness and sometimes warnings as well if they appear in your dreams.

And from the spiritual point of view, dreaming of dogs is usually considered a positive sign even if the dream you saw has a general inauspicious meaning related to it, the final outcome will always be for your betterment because dogs always want the best for their humans and they will sometimes cross the line in order to tell you about the danger in the near future.

But being a little too specific, what does a black dog represent spiritually if it appears in your dreams? Usually, the black dog’s spiritual meaning is related to death and evil and is consider as the dark one. If you see a black dog or a ghost dog in your dream, it means the same i.e. a guardian of the underworld aka dog is crossing your path right now or will be doing so very soon.

Dream of Black Dog Attacking Me
Dream of Black Dog Attacking Me

Dogs, Dreams and Depression

” It’s never too late to focus on your dreams.”

Well, it certainly isn’t late to focus on your dreams and discover more about what you see. And coming back to the dogs and dreams, we have added some more information on this research for you and this topic is called depression.

Let us understand what is the connection of dogs, depression and your dreams. Have you ever seen people relating black dog to depression? But why do they call depression the black dog?

The term ‘black dog’ has been most commonly used as a metaphor for depression from classical mythology. Majorly and famously the term has been originated by Winston Churchill, who was often seen quoting black dog, referring to when he used to feel unmotivated or unproductive.

This term is use to describe a state of depression, that can be seen through either by poor or changed behaviour. The metaphor can be and has been useful for people living with depression, treating depression, studying its symptoms.

Initially the term ‘black dog’ was used to describe a brief and not so pleasant period in a man’s life but over the centuries, the metaphor has grown to become a massive spectrum of depression, its symptoms and how to co-related the two things with each other.

Since depression popularly feels like an ominous, long-suffering presence tracking your every move this is the reason why black dog is the best and very effective metaphor to describe it. 

Just like a dog to its owner or a shadow to its master, depression does not take breaks but instead follows you around like a large, lumbering, and loyal shadow that is not ready to leave you at any cost. A black dog following you around, not leaving you alone and taking up your time not sharing you with anyone with its insistence is out of your control, just like depression, large, consuming and uncontrollable.

The metaphor of the black dog is an important one both for individuals who have been and not have been diagnosed with depression in order to create a frame of reference for how exactly expect depression to show up.

So, now you know why do they call depression the black dog but there are still a few things left that you are not aware of and so we have mentioned them in the FAQ given below.

Discovering Dogs

“Life is meant for discoveries and adventures.”

And here is the most awaited discovery that you will see about black dogs, their dreams and life. So, without wasting any time quickly join us in discovering our doggo.

Dream of Black Dog Attacking Me
Dream of Black Dog Attacking Me


  • Do dogs have good dreams?

Dogs do experience dreams just like humans. Many scientists have used an electroencephalogram (EEG) to support their research and get the answer. They have tested dog’s canine brain wave activity similar to humans when it comes to sleep patterns and brain wave activity.

  • Do dogs miss other dogs when they die?

Dogs don’t necessarily know or understand that another dog in their life has died, but what they do know is a sense missing an individual they aren’t sure about. While they do know that their friend is no longer present, they don’t feel or show it too much except for one or more symptoms of grief like lack of appetite for some time.

  • Should I show my dog the dead dog? 

If one of your pet or your pet’s friends has died from a cause that doesn’t imposes a risk of infection to your surviving dog, and you feel comfortable and confident in doing so, you can show the dog’s deceased body to your pet.

  • Do dogs mourn other dogs?

When a dog loses a companion whether it their human or another dog, he/she surely grieves, mourns, and reacts to the changes in their life. Dogs show a change in their behaviour when they mourn just like people do. Some dogs become depressed and listless while most of them loose their appetite and doesn’t wish to play.

  • Do dogs miss their owners?

Yes, they do miss and mourn their owners. it’s not unusual for dogs to grieve the loss of a person who is no longer present and who they’ve bonded with. While dogs might not fully understand the human absence, they do understand the emotional feeling of missing and emptiness of someone who use to be a part of their daily life but is no more present.

  • Do dogs spirits stay with you?

Research says that when a pet passes their spirit can choose to be happy, free, and return to a new body in a vibrant and healthy form. Even though the pet’s physical body dies, its spirit, energy or conscious, continues to live on and it depends on them where they wish to live their afterlife. But there are reports that suggest that in some cases, the spirits of a deceased dog do come and live with their owners.

And now you are in full possession of the dog theory. Read it again use it as you like it and enjoy this information the most.


A dream can be related to so many things- good, bad, messages, warnings. It all depends upon you and how you understand its details that will help you in decoding the dream and using the information for its best use.

Also, black dogs have so many things associated with them from protectors to messengers and from depression to liveliness. It is you who get to choose which part of their personality are you looking for.

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