“United we stand, divided we fall”- this famous saying reminds us of which creature?

Ants, isn’t it?

Do you remember, when we were kids how we would get interested in watching ants moving in a queue carrying their food. 

We loved their stories of hard work and perseverance and how they slept through the winter and gathered their food in summer. It was fun hearing those, isn’t it?

But do you know, they have a lot of superstitions revolving around them. Especially the black ants, we often find moving around our houses. 

They have a lot of stories related to them and here through this article we will take you on a journey related to the lives of these tiny creatures. 

Table of content
The Ant- your spirit animal
Ants in your dream
There are ants in your house!

Let’s find out what the story is.


Have you ever wondered, what do ants symbolize?

Studies have shown us that ants are symbol of strength, diligence, will power. They symbolize determination, perseverance, patience, stamina. 

Though they are minute creatures they have a lot of energy. They also give us examples of unity, sacrifice and loyalty. They show us notions of accomplishment and tell us how things do not happen without putting any effort. 

They symbolize the ability to keep everything in order by proper planning and they also teach us self-control. These are some of the qualities that help us pursue our dreams and reach the zenith of success in life.


Source: Aiken pest control

Have you ever thought of what do dreams about ants mean?

Dreams are often considered to be symbolic and meaningful. Research shows that we generally dream of things that stays in our subconscious mind for a long time. According to Psychology study dreams are a depiction of our suppressed thoughts.

So, what do ants in dreams symbolize?

Dreaming about animals is often associated with some sort of a message. They way we see the animal, the way we interact with it in our dreams have a different kind of interpretation. Interpretation of animals in dreams is alluring and interesting. 

Though on one hand, ants symbolize hard work, the ability to remain organized, they are associated with diligence, patience and selfless service. They also show us the importance of cooperation and community. On the other hand, they show us a sort of discomfort and are often quite repulsive. 

You may have often heard of the ‘Antsy feeling’, this is a feeling of uneasiness and anxiety. 

Dreaming of ants thus represents one’s dissatisfaction with the daily lifestyle or daily routine or daily habits. They are tiny creatures which are often crushed easily therefore, they may also mean that one is being easily neglected and ignored. One may feel insignificant. 

There are some specific interpretations of dreaming ants. Let’s see them one by one.

  • When a person dreams of ants crawling on to their skin this may resemble some issue that is annoying the person or creating restlessness.
  • Dreaming of ant bites is often associated with minor difficulties, work annoyances, work-life misbalances, slowdowns or blocks in work progress. 
  • If you dream of ants crawling into your head or hair is often connected with general dissatisfaction with some unimportant but consistent issue. It usually means you’ll either have to solve the problem or let them go. 
  • Dreaming of ants in food and bed are associated with the feeling of disgust or dissatisfaction about work and life in general. Fixing up those little worries is what is required. 
  • And finally, if you dream that a colony of ants invade your house or they are covering up your entire body. It openly suggests that one’s minor problems and discomforts have turned into bigger issues and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. 


Have you ever wondered, why do ants come in the house?

 Ants usually come into the houses in search of food or nesting habitat. Even small amounts of food, like pet food crumbs, can attract hordes of industrious ants. They usually have a habit of hibernating during the winter months and therefore are found to be more active during the warmer months. 

They come in search of food. Ants occasionally come inside in search of water, particularly during dry periods. In this case you may see them in bathrooms or other humid parts of the house. Sometimes heavy rains can also cause ant nests to flood and force them to relocate to nearby buildings, such as your house. Even they are supposed to have a safe shelter. Don’t they?


There are some others questions in relation to these superstitions.

We will address them here one by one.

The first one is, what does it mean when ants crawl on you?

It is found in studies that ants often get attracted by body odor as they get attracted by the odor of food. They often get attracted by the salty taste of the sweat that the body releases. They are generally harmless and have no intentions to cause harm. It only gives us a feeling of uneasiness.

The second thing is, what attract black ants in the house?

Ants generally comes into our houses in search of food, water and moisture. You will find them crawling around leftover sources of food especially around the kitchen. They do act as cleaning agents by carrying the leftovers of spilt food it is only that we don’t accept them that way and we try to get rid of them. They are also found in the bathrooms where they generally gather for drinking water. After all they are living creatures and very well require food and water to survive. 

So, finally have you questioned yourself if it is bad to have ants in your house?

 The answer to this question is No. They are known as nuisance pests and do not cause any harm to anyone. They only look for their food and water. They also are not carriers of diseases or germs nor do they transmit diseases anyway. Therefore, if you find them crawling around your house its in no way bad or is not ominous. 


The article very well shows that black ants are not harmful creatures. They are super active. They teach us to be strong, the help us learn the values of perseverance, hard work, unity, compassion and cooperation. Dreaming about ants may be depicting a number of things that do not have a very positive meaning but if we look at it the other way, it also teaches us to be strong and persevere in our endeavors. It teaches us to be true to ourselves and to our commitments. 

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