It has been very rightly said that dreams are a picturization of what we have in our unconscious mind and this is damn true. We dream of a whole lot of things, we dream of mountains, deserts, forests, seas, and we dream of animals and birds. But did you ever know that dreams have their own symbolic meanings too. They have their own interpretations. Especially when you dream of animals, they have a very different kind of interpretation. 

So, Lets begin with a short story.

Minnie was eight years old and guess what her favorite pastime was? 

She loved watching Animal planet and National Geographic and enjoyed watching those wild beasts and soft birds playing with each other and fighting with each other. 

And slowly all these thoughts grasped her powers of thinking, her powers of imagination. She was engrossed in these thoughts all day long and at night she saw animals in her dreams too. 

One fine morning, she woke up and ran to Mumma. She said that she dreamt of lions chasing her in her dreams. Mumma was worried. She really did not understand what is to be said. For the time being she made the little girl understand that it was just a dream but then she really wanted to know if there were other interpretations to it too. 

And since we are here Mumma does not have to go anywhere. We have brought this article up to you to brief you about the various interpretations of dreaming about lions.

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Dreaming about lions- are you?
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Let’s hear the Lion’s roar!



Firstly, let us tell you that dreaming of lions do have a positive impact on all of our lives. 

Dreams about lions symbolizes strength, courage assertiveness and power.

 Also, sometimes they do represent predatory feelings like aggression that you have on the people around you.

 Dreams about the King of the Jungle sometimes do represent some threatening situation that is awaiting you in case an individual dreams about a spirit lion. However, dreaming of spirit lions may also represent loyalty, self-esteem, dignity and domination over the people around yourself. 

We all know that they are the Emperors of their jungle kingdoms and therefore they are the representative of authority and power. 

The interpretation of the dreams generally depends upon the scenario. 

Dreaming of spirit lions may also show that the individual needs to have control of the circumstance. They may also tell us that an individual needs to keep a check on his or her temper and mood swings that may have an adverse impact on your life. 

The lion symbolizes strength, honor and pride when the animal visits your dream. It may be suggesting you that you will have to handle your problems by your own outlook.  You are also advised to stick to your own believes. You will love to have originality in your works this will help you to develop both personally and professionally. 

Seeing a lion in the dreams also helps us to overcome negative emotions. It reminds us that we are strong but it also tells us that we will have to put forward our steps carefully and be a little careful about what others might be thinking about us. An individual should be aware of how he or she says things outside and how that affects others. 

However, here there’s a twist.

If a Lioness visits your dream, then it is interpreted as a symbol of confidence, you are suggested to keep traversing your path until you reach your goal. You are requested never ever to give up. A lioness also symbolizes motherly instincts of love and care. 

Therefore, what we see from here is lions in our dreams are actually signals of positivity and wisdom. What say?



There are a number of Frequently asked Questions.

For example, have you ever thought of what the bible says about dreams of lions?

So now in this segment we will discuss about the biblical meaning of dreaming about lions.

Lions are considered to be one of the most powerful animals in the world. It is considered to be the king of all animals. The Bible describes the lion as a symbol of strength and power. 

Sometimes it also symbolizes supernatural powers. The bible also says that a lion could be a representation of Holy Spirit and his most important traits are his strength and courage. 

The Bible also represents lions as a symbol of truth and celestial love and in most cases the symbolism of the animal is positive. If in your dream you were feeling safe with a lion then it is a symbol of protection and care. 

Sometimes it may also mean spiritual attacks. 

There are a number of variations in the meaning and interpretation of dreaming lions.

We will speak about them in points below:

When a person is dreaming of a lion and there are no additional details, it means we are trying to control the situations around us. It symbolizes domination.

Sometimes this dream may also be a symbol of loyalty, admiration and respect that others have towards you. 

  • When a person dreams of seeing a lion, it means it’s a signal that the person is full of negative emotions which he or she will be able to overcome by the next period. 
  • When we are dreaming of tame lions, it means that we could do better at certain things in life. There are a number of chances to improve at certain aspects of life.
  • When you dream of being attacked by a lion it is generally taken to be negative. It may be a symbol of self-destruction that has been instilled in you by somebody. In such situations you are suggested to stay calm.
  • When a person dreams of an eating lion, it is a positive sign and indicates that our problems will disappear very soon.
  • When you dream of a training lion it means that you will have difficulties in the upcoming period but you are strong enough and will be able to solve them. 
  • When a person dreams about a killing lion it means he or she will have to make a very important decision at the moment about his or her future. 
  • When there are dreams about dead lions, there’s no need to worry, it says that even if you have some challenges in your way, with time you will be able to overcome them.  


When we see a lion is chasing us in our dreams it means that we are probably trying to run away from certain aspects of our personality. We are aware that we will have to change a lot of things about ourselves and our own lives. However, doing this may be tough. 

This dream also means that we might have aggressive feelings towards others. 


Source: dream stop

  Like Lions, Tigers are also a representation of power and strength. They are visiting you in dreams may also represent that you are supposed to undertake a leadership role. 

They too indicate tough situations which can be overcome with a little more focus. 

Now after a whole lot of meanings and interpretations about dreams. 


Let us just see what does it mean when I dream about Lions protecting me? 

If on one hand, Lions are symbols of pride, strength and power, they are also symbol of love and care on the other. When you dream of a lion hugging you and licking you it implies comfort, love and brighter moments in your life and when it occurs in your dream that a lion is protecting you it means someone is guarding you and watching over you for your own good. There is a lot and peace and power. You are in safe hands. 

When a person dreams about mountain lions attacking the individual in his or her sleep, biblically it can imply there’s some anger and rage hidden inside you. You are advised to control that and do away with that. 

Another thing that we would like to address here is, what is the spiritual meaning of being chased in a dream?

Have you heard of ‘Fight or flight’ instinct?

While dreaming of it, it implies that an individual is trying to run away, hide, outfox or outmaneuver the chaser. 

The chaser is the representation of the problem that you’re dealing with in the waking world. The problem can even have an emotional tint. Waking up in the bed after being chased doesn’t always mean that you’re in imminent danger. 



First, A person is avoiding and running away from a problem that has arisen in your life.

Second, the dream may also imply that you being are chased down by your own destiny. It means there may be a call in your life that you have yet to fulfill. 

Also, there are some other thinks too which can add to the meaning of your dream of being chased, they are, 

  • What did the pursuer look like? 
  • What was the distance between you and the pursuer? 
  • Was the pursuer able to catch you?
  • How did you feel when you were being chased?

This will give you a picture of the depth of the problem but you need not worry you will always be able to solve them. 

Warning: When a black lion visits your dream, beware there is negative energy around you. Someone is trying to use their position and influence to harm you. 

A visit of a white lion on the other hand signifies power. It shows that we can achieve anything we want by using our wisdom, strength and courage. 


Lions thus, are a symbol of power, strength and courage. They are a symbol of peace and comfort too. Therefore, dreaming of them has a wide variety of interpretations. In most cases these interpretations are positive and even if they symbolize some negative energy in one to two cases, they also subtly give us the ways to overcome it through our courage and wisdom. The Bible also figures the lion as a symbol of strength and power. The Christians worship the lion as a positive spirit too in some cases, even in Hindu Mythology we find the lion is being worshipped with a number of deities. Therefore, there’s absolutely no need to worry if you are dreaming about lions. The article here gives a brief picture of the various interpretations of the dreams about this power animal, we hope this will help you to clear your ideas and worries about the dream. 

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