About us

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Oldsuperstitions is a blog of information that covers all the superstitious beliefs, symbolism that is backed up by cultural views, historical aspects and practices in various forms by people all over the globe.

We ensure to provide the information that just not specifies the practices of various cultures and religions, but, we aim to shed light on myths and other facts around the theories.

Our main idea to create this website is to provide maximum information in regards to symbolism, beliefs and meaning interpreted and practiced differently in various parts of the country.

Our team of old superstition researches the concepts of the most popular beliefs and symbolism to bring clarity and enlighten the readers with the facts and reasons of existence of the symbols and their meaning.

Furthermore, we also believe that the practice of some cultural beliefs is not just limited to practice but are even inculcated in a way that it has taken a shape of trends and fashion. And so, our good reads ensure to provide the information that highlights the various trends followed by the young generation while adhering to the practices and beliefs with the intention of empowering themselves.

We are providers of historic views blended in a latest trend. Hence, we hope our piece of information will help our readers to even expand their visions by understanding all the aspects of the concepts.

To know more about us and to be a part of our team, you can write to us at manisha.puri88@gmail.com.