New year’s good luck traditions

Each year brings a new beginning for all of us, doesn’t it? Every year after Christmas we send off a year and welcome a new one. Everyone makes some new resolutions and plans that they would follow in the coming year. 

Having a good year ahead is what everyone wishes for. We believe that, when our year begins well, the rest of it goes in harmony as well. It is all a matter of our beliefs. 

There are numerous things around the world that people do and follow. A variety of traditions just flows from everywhere. What do you do as a tradition for a new year? 

new year eve
new year eve

Today we will find out about what traditions are followed by people in order to have good luck in the new year’s beginning. The new year is close as we’re just three months away from a new beginning. 

Let’s have a look at what are the good luck traditions that are followed. 

What Do You Do for Good Luck on New Years?

As we look after what we should do for good luck, different countries have different traditions to follow. People all over the globe follow different traditions too because it’s up to you if something works for you, you will follow the same, right!

We will try our best to sum up all the information on Good Luck so you will have a great year ahead. You will have all prosperities, love, peace, and strong bonds with your loved ones. 

  • Japan – Paint your Doll (Daruma)
  • China – Have Fish
  • Korea – Don’t Wash your Hair
  • Spain – Have a Dozen Grapes
  • Italy – Throw Old stuff 
  • Philippines – Roundy Fruits 
  • France – Great Gusto 
  • Germany – Have Carp

Which Food Do Superstitious People Not Eat on New Year’s Eve

If you have a question for us what to eat and what not, you are lucky enough to get almost everything in one place. You will get almost every answer here. 

Don’t eat Lobster during New Year’s Eve. It is never considered as Good Luck for anyone. People experience such things after eating lobster that their year goes worse or not up to the mark. 

In Many Countries people don’t have or follow such traditions, they follow the opposite one, that’s what human nature is! People eat what will bring good luck for them, you can follow the same. 

You just have to cook, I know again but you have no choice, you have to cook a mouth-watering dish that will bring good luck and the name of the dish is Black-eyed peas and pork. You will find in many countries that they believe having pork and peas will make your future better. 

In India having sweets is considered as good for the future, they say if you eat sweet you will speak sweetly, and scientifically it is correct. Eating sweets makes the mood fresh and it will really help you to make good bonds. 

New Year food superstition

Washing Clothes on New Year’s Day

Let us give the most important information for the ones who don’t like to visit the laundry or don’t like to wash their clothes. This information will save your world, you’ll be the happiest person. Don’t wash your clothes! It will bring good luck in your coming years. 

This is generally the superstition that people follow and we are providing the information from all over the globe, covering all major and minor countries and their traditions. From most of the Western countries, you will find such rituals. 

It’s not like, not washing your clothes will bring prosperity so you will follow it, do what you feel like. Never go for something which will turn you into a greedy person. This will definitely backfire you.

New Year’s Eve Good Luck Traditions

People around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve with a lot of excitement for welcoming a new year and show gratitude to wish farewell for the year that just passed by. People around the world from every corner have various traditions that they follow and believe that it brings good luck. 

From different parts of the world, there come different traditions with different meanings. No one really knows if these traditions work, it’s just that the strength of people’s beliefs and their dedication means everything.

Listed below are some traditions that are considered good luck on New Year’s Eve from various parts of the world. 

1. In Denmark, it is considered good luck to smash unused plates on their friends’ doors as it is considered to be saying goodbye to the bad spirits. The smashing of plates is done when the New Year just begins.

Denmark new year tradition

2. Kissing your loved one! Yes, many of us already know about this tradition. In Scotland and many other parts of the world, it is considered very lucky to share a kiss with your loved one at the stroke of midnight.

New Year Kissing Your Loved Ones

3. Throwing furniture out your window. Yes, you heard it right! Furniture out the window! While the rest of us are busy sprinkling confetti around, the South Africans believe that by throwing the unused furniture out their windows is a sign that they are letting go of their past. They believe that this depicts leaving behind grief and sorrow for a new beginning. 

Furniture out of window
New Year Tradition Furniture out of window

4. The countdown for grapes! In Spanish culture, you won’t find people counting down to 10 for the midnight stroke. Rather, they give a tribute to the twelve months and see how many grapes one can eat within those last 12 seconds of midnight. According to Spanish culture, this brings good luck for a fresh set of twelve months. 

New Year Eve Traditions Twelve Grapes Of Luck Spain

5. The hunt for a dozen of round fruits! It’s a Filipino tradition. They hunt for twelve round fruits representing twelve months of the year. The idea behind this is that a coin is round in shape and so it represents wealth and prosperity. Finding a dozen round fruits will bring you luck. 

New Year hunt for dozen fruits

Spiritual Beliefs on New Year

Frankly speaking, in the whole world if you believe in something then that is for sure real for you and if you don’t then it will be null and void, it will never exist for you. It’s the same as if you believe in god, god is there with you. 

Out there in the world, you will see and come across different types of superstitions and rituals that will surprise you. Let us talk about some of those rituals. 

  • . Choose your Underwear Wisely

Confused while buying your underwear? Want some comfort huh! Wait a minute, let us introduce the underpants which will bring good luck to your coming year.

Yes! You read it right, no jokes, people especially in Latin America believe in choosing the right color of underpants for your future. You might have a question, what if the underwear is no more, so fellas we don’t have an answer for that.

NEW YEAR Good Luck

This Underwear ritual will be funny for you but for the ones who follow this tradition with their whole heart it’s not funny for them. Following and doing somethings as a ritual is never considered as a bad thing until it harms someone or it is bad for our society. 

Getting Sick on New Year Superstition

You may find some people say that it is bad luck if you get sick on New Year’s. It is not true! We’re all humans and our body sometimes doesn’t function quite well. This doesn’t mean that you’re bringing bad luck or anything. 

Getting Sick on New Year Evening

The concept of New Year has come out in the past few centuries so there’s no such thing as getting sick will make your year bad or anything of that sort. You just need to take care of your body. Akron, which is also on a regular basis. 

Things That Bring Good Luck on New Year

As we mentioned even earlier, what matters is what people believe in. Everyone looks for things to do for good luck on New Year. There are very few people out there who try to do what they feel will bring success and harmony in their life with good luck. 

One should actually look around and find answers of what they feel is best for themselves or what they believe will bring luck and success and follow their heart for the same. 

Cessation | New Year Good Luck

People believe in many superstitions, and for some people believing it works just like it is legit real but for others, it’s just superstition. People will introduce you to many rituals and many superstitions. But we will advise you to follow your heart. Do what you like, follow what your heart says for. Good luck lies within! 

That’s it for the day, if you like this article please stay tuned for more of this and we assure you, you will find all of them engaging.

 All we need to bring up such articles more is your support and love. All we will provide is good and quality content. 

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