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Bamboo Plant: A Boon!

Have you ever got a Chinese Bamboo plant in any festival, occasion, or housewarming party, and considered it only a show-piece?

Then this article is for you! 

Here we will share a few interesting insights like, apart from adding beauty, how bamboo is useful in many more ways!

After reading the piece of information, we are certain you will be super interested in bringing mini bamboo in your house or if you already have, going to adore it and nourish it!

So, let unroot some beautiful facts!

To start with, let’s get know Lucky Bamboo Meaning

Bamboo is Chinese symbol of

. Power
. strength, and,
. fast growth

 If you receive it as a gift, a lucky bamboo will surely get luck and prosperity in your life. 

Yes, you heard it right! Bamboo can also be lucky. 

Want to know how! Keep reading!

Different numbers of stalks in your lucky bamboo have separate significance. Here is just a short glimpse of how we are so sure about it.

Number of stalksMeaning
TwoExpression of love
ThreeHappiness, Wealth and Long Life
Four“Four” resembles “Death”. Bamboo with four stalks are never given.
FiveFive areas of life- Physical, Mental, Emotional, Instinctive, and Spiritual
Six“Six” resembles “Luck”. It means prosperity and wealth.
SevenBoost in good health, wealth, and happiness
Eight“Eight” resembles “Grow”. It means fertility, motivator, and enhancer
NineGood luck and fortune
TenCompletion and Perfection
Twenty-oneAbundance and Blessings

 Now, if someone gifts you with bamboo, count its stalk!

Now, when we know the meaning, let’s get to know its symbolism too.

What Does Bamboo Symbolize 

Bruce Lee even said that “Even the stiffest tree will get cracked. But bamboo and willow will survive till its end. So, be bamboo.” 

Seems like Bruce Lee was a strong Bamboo! All must agree with me!

Want to know how the strength and flexibility of bamboo inspire us?

  • Symbol of Strength

Bamboo is stronger than steel and concrete. This feature of bamboo helps it to stay strong and straight even in tough situations.

Moreover, the interconnected root system symbolises to stay connected to your roots, rise, shine, achieve everything.

  • Symbol of Flexibility

It is a very true fact that if you rely upon strength only, you will definitely break and become fragile.  

Flexibility of bamboo allows it to bend in different situations symbolising adapting yourself in different adversities of life. No in which direction wind is blowing, bamboo is able to adapt itself.

  • Symbol of Health 

From above, you all have to resonate that bamboo is a perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Depicting harmony and balance in life. 

This is the reason why many people choose to give bamboo in house warming parties.

Wow!!! Isn’t it

Furthermore, when researching the insights, we found out that when it comes to buying this lucky gift, most of the people get confused between the variety. “Chinese Bamboo Plant” with “Real Bamboo Plants”. 

So, let us enlighten you!

Chinese Bamboo Plant

It symbolises the element of wood and the red ribbon tied around it represents the element of fire.

Let’s have a glimpse some unseen facts about Chinese bamboo plant one must discover:

  • Lucky bamboo is associated with Feng Shui. The elements of the plants represent Earth, Wood, Water, Metal, and Fire. 
  • The number of stalks can be manipulated into spiral shapes depending upon the amount of sunlight the plants have been exposed to.
  • If provided with good amounts of sunlight and water, it can survive for decades too.

Hope the aforementioned information will get you closer to choose your lucky bamboo!

Now, when it’s home, we know what the next equation to consider. Let’s find out the best location.

Where to place the Lucky Bamboo Plant?

DirectionLucky Areas
EastGood Health and Family Wellness
SouthMoney and Fortune

Hence, it is anticipated that more happiness, wealth and prosperity can be attracted to your life if kept in the right direction and at the right place.

Moving ahead, do you know?

Lucky Bamboo is related to five elements in Chinese culture.

Let’s know more!

The Lucky Bamboo and the Five Elements

Consider the following table:

EarthPebbles and stones in the container
WoodThe Bamboo plant itself
WaterThe water kept in the container
FireThe red ribbon tied on the plant 
MetalThe metal coin which is attached to the ribbon

Bamboo superstitions

Suppose it is a Diwali party and your friend brought you a lucky bamboo plant. This beautiful green multiple stalked plants is actually Dracaena sanderiana. 

If we talk about superstitions, there are many taboos related to the plant. But if anyone believes in nature god, then for them, Bamboos are the boon.

Some are there who don’t feel any changes in their life after bringing the plant to home, while some are there who felt complete positive changes in their life after bringing the plant. 

It completely depends on mindset!

Let us know in the comment section whether you have or planning to have Bamboo plants. And also, if you felt any difference after purchasing it!

Bamboo uses

Apart from bringing good luck and fortune, there are multiple other uses of bamboo which you will be delighted to know. 

. Used for medicinal purposes.
. Used to make clothes and accessories.
. Used to feed people and animals. Used in scaffolding.
. Used to make furniture and rugs.
. Used to make beer too.

There are multiples of other infinite uses too.


Never get confused in commercial bamboo and Chinese bamboo plants. Both are different and both have their respective uses. 

We can conclude that bringing Chinese Bamboo to the house brings health, wealth, fortune, luck and prosperity in your life.

Thank you

Have a nice day!

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