Jade Plant Meaning

“I would rather have a garden full of plants than a closet full of heels.”

Do you like the pastoral world and the stillness and calmness it offers? Finding such relaxing mode and vibe in the rush of metro cities is next to impossible.

But what is possible is creating your own natural space, a garden full of plants and flowers. The ones you like and the ones you need.

And do you know why we are here? To add one more plant in your garden at home that will help you in fulfilling your needs and will share its benefits with you.

Which plant are we talking about? The Jade plant.

Let’s have a look at the contents.

Jade plant meaning
Jade plant benefit
Where to place this plant?
Other names for this plants
Do this plants bring money and good luck?
This plant as friendship plat
8 thoughts on this plant
Superstitions related to this plants

Brace yourself because you are about to enter the world of jade plants!

Planting Jade

Let’s begin with telling you the this plant meaning, and benefits.

What is a jade plant? Why is it so special? Well, your crassula plant is commonly known as a jade plant and is a very famous houseplant across the globe for so many reasons.

Do you think that jade plants are also called money plants? But why? Does this plant bring money and good luck to its owner’s life?

Well, according to famous beliefs in Asia, these plants are considered a good luck charm and it is believed that it activates financial energies in your life and home?

The flowers of this plant symbolize the fragrance of great friendship and bonding with the owner and its green leaves signifies energy and the joy of friendship.

You can literally call Jade Plant as a Friendship Plant or wealth and luck plant.

Talking about jade plant benefits, it is a low maintenance plant whose flowers bloom especially in the spring season.

It can be used as a home remedy for nausea, diarrhea, corns, and warts. Some people even claim that jade provides mental health benefits as well.

And now, here are the answers to some other commonly and most asked questions about jade plants.

. Where to buy jade plants?

You can buy this plant on both online and offline portals. From a nursery, from a nearby gardener or you can look for it online.

Just make sure the plant looks fresh, lively and has roots so that it can continue growing in your house.

. Where to Place the Jade Plant?

Since you know all the benefits of jade plant, you can choose which benefit you want the most in your life.

According to the famous and common superstitions related to plants, if you want family harmony, education benefits, improved health, and better projects in your life then placing it in the east location will help you a lot.

Southeast location will help you gain wealth luck.

Northwest location for the luck of teachers, guides and mentors.

And the west location for some creativity in life and getting good luck for children.

. Where is the largest jade plant in the world? 

In the regions of southern Africa, jade plants are believed to grow as tall as eight feet as they are also native to the mountains of that region.

. Other names for jade plant?

The other name for your plant is Crassula. While it is also commonly known as the money plant because of its benefits.

And now come the other important aspects of this plant. Continue reading to find them out.

. How to care for your Jade plant?

1. Plant them indoors with very bright light.
2. Water them when at-least 2 inches of its topsoil is dry.
3. Feed the jade plant with plant food every 1 month.
4. Keep removing the dead and dry leaves from the surface of the plant.

. 8 thoughts on “Jade Plant”

1. They can grow up to 10 feet tall.
2. They are similar to aloe and cactus plants.
3. They can retain water and act as reservoirs.
4. It is also known as Crassula ovata.
5. Jade is a succulent shrub.
6. These plants are native to southern Africa.
7. They are durable and can live long lives.
8. Dollar plant, friendship tree, pink joy, and lucky plant, just a few pet names of this plant.


It is long-lasting, low maintenance, a symbol of good luck, friendship, and wealth. Make sure to take its good care and place it in the right position to receive the maximum benefits of the plants along with some beautiful flowers in the spring season.

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