Are Owls Bad Luck?

Have you ever gifted or received a gift of Feng shui that too an owl Feng shui?

How did it make you feel?

We assume it must be mixed emotions, right?

an owl

But, can any bird or animal ever get jinxed! What do you think?

Well, that’s a mystery to be revealed! There are a plethora of myths and rumors when it comes to an Owl. It is one controversial bird and so to know more about this mystery bird, keep reading this piece as this will take you through:

. Meaning of Owl at your house.
. Is an Owl a good luck symbol
. Feng Shui Owl Symbol
. Feng Shui Owl Significance 
. Feng Shui Owl Placement 

So, let’s begin the mythical journey!

Many people assume that if we see an owl, our luck will get worse each day whereas some worship it as it’s a vehicle of Goddess Laxmi. 

Moreover, Owl spirit usually symbolizes death, and are often considered as evil omens. 

Pretty contradictory, isn’t it?

What would you like to consider an owl at your house?


Puzzled? Let us make it easy for you!

Meaning of Owl at your house!

Keen, silent, round eyes of an owl represent the strong vision and observation power which signifies the time of uncovering the hidden secrets and welcoming the change.

Considering the same, meaning of own at your house could be a message of discovering the facts wisely as its transformation time and something is towards the end.

So, don’t be scared yet be alert if it is at your home or in your dreams!!

Yes, let’s figure out your dream too!

What happens when we see an Owl in dreams?

Owl knocks the dream door, deception is around!! 

There are some interpretations and symbolism of owls in dreams on the basis of their breed;

Now, if you watch,

Single owlBe alert
Many owlsSeek Advice 
Flying owlsFamily Trouble 
Black OwlSpriitual Awakening
Dead OwlDeath is around
Barn OwlTime for Wealth
Common OwlWork on Yourself
True OwlInsomnia
Snowy owlShort time peace

Seems, now interpretation can be quick and easy!

So dear readers, tell us what do you think, Is an Owl a Good Symbol?

We know you are still thinking, so let us help you with more insights on this mystery bird.

black owl

Did you know?

Owl is the Night Ruler; hence, it is a reflection of:

. Paranormal wisdom
.  regal silence  
. fierce intelligence

These trio traits are built in them because of their great thinking and hunting capability. There’s no other great hunter and thinker in the world except Owl. Its strategies never fail, whenever it sees its victim, it is on the spot to catch the prey. 

And may be the strength sometimes is misunderstood and considered as omen too.

But, let’s not jump to conclusions right now, Know more!

Some cultures believe owls as symbols of magicians, especially the gorgeous white owls which symbolizes wisdom and endurance. 

Native Americans Belief

They believe, owl is a unique combination of intelligence and death, it’s a guardian of sacred knowledge.

Have you ever heard the owl hooting?Does it sound unlucky omen?

Native Americans states, this nocturnal bird accompanies death once in their afterlife journey, due to which their hooting is miserable. 

Some other native tribes associate the bony circles around the eyes of an owl with the imprints of ghosts and lost souls, but owls don’t symbolize eerie and death always, sometimes it’s like clan animals!

Christianity Belief

In the ethnic Bible, the pictorial, symbolic, iconic and holy representation of the sacred owl was mentioned too earlier of time when the ordinary people were unable to read and write. 

According to The Bible;

  • Jews shouldn’t eat certain breeds of the owl due to their Kosher dietary rule.
  • The psalmist compares their hard times by an owl in the desert as a psalmist also stuck in a desolate place once. 
  • In Isaiah also, an owl is used as an example to demonstrate the devastation humans of Babylon. 
  • At last, in Isaiah on the basis of Babylon prophecy, owls don’t symbolize anything they just used it to give examples and to explain properly, rest there is no symbolization here.

Celtic Symbolism 

This symbolizes the owl as a warrior and guardian of honor. 

white owl

According to Celtic, it represents a property of fierce defenders of honour and truth, and so have nil tolerance for any form of depiction.

They are one of the best creatures made by God, as due to their nocturnal property, they’re able to see in the dark which makes him the perfect messenger to deliver messages full day and night. 

Celtics believe that owls know the way to the underworld and they’re a symbol of the ancient Celtic fertility goddess. 

Hence, no need to fear, when an owl is near!!!Moreover, now if you receive any Feng Shui Owl as a gift, welcome it with an open mind and soul. 

Because: Feng Shui Owl Symbolize

  • Wisdom
  • Good Luck
  • Knowledge 
  • Protective Energies 

Furthermore, 35,000 years Chinese philosophy suggests that the totem of an owl is surprisingly powerful to attract all the prosperity and abundance.

Also, Feng Shui Owl Significance is pretty powerful in various culture and mythology:

  • Indo-European culture is like saviour,
  • Greek mythology worships it as goddess Athena depicted in the owl form.
  • Hindu religion goddess Lakshmi brings wealth and owls are the vahana of Lakshmi, so it’s lucky for them too.

Overall, Feng Shui owl removes all your stress and financial worries and it’s not at all a bad luck!If you keep it at your home, it will protect your home from all the evil spirits and further makes you a truth speaker. Owl’s statue flourish your house with positive and powerful vibes in every field.

So, want to keep Feng shui Owl ?

Well, here is one more piece of information to consider!

Feng Shui Owl Placement

Placing the Feng shui in a way so it can double the good luck can be a great idea. So here we are with some easy and quick Feng Shui Owl Placement strategies:

An Angry Owl

Direction:  south-east.


  • House entrance: for protection from bad spirits
  • Study Table or work table: for focus and enhancing luck.


Never place it in the bathroom and kitchen!


Existence of everything has meaning and power and understanding of the same can turn the tables around and let you welcome the mystery. Owl is indeed a mystery bird yet a blessing in disguise and so can be a good luck symbol for you.

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