Beetle spiritual meaning

Have you been seeing beetles crawling in your Dreams, lately?

Ever wondered, what is it trying to tell you?

Did you know they have a spiritual meaning?

A Beetle
A Beetle

Most of the people would never think of beetles as possessing some sort of spiritual power. 

They merely think of beetles as insects spread widely all around. With a particular, hard external body cover and some might seemingly scream in their presence!

But do you know!

They play a very special role in human culture and history. They hold a spiritual value. Especially in ancient Egypt and were called sacred scarabs.

Intrigued already?

Read along…

What does a beetle symbolize?
June bug/ beetle – spiritual meaning
Egyptian Beetle God
Scarab symbology
Egyptian Scarab beetle facts
What’s a Heart scarab?

What does a beetle symbolize? 

Beetles are very interesting creatures, and this is the reason why a lot of people see them with special meanings.

They are considered as a lucky charm in many cultures. 

Due to their vast variety, they have an extensive list of symbolic meanings like:

  • time management, 
  • strength, 
  • creativity, 
  • adaptation, 
  • transformation, 
  • proactivity,
  • love, 
  • persistence, 
  • determination, 
  • communication, 
  • resurrection,
  • integrity, 
  • instinct and the list goes on and on. 

For a simple and tiny insect, beetles have been seen with enigmatic symbols and meaning. 

Black Beetle

Even in the modern world, these symbols didn’t die.

In fact, they have grown quite popular and people like us are becoming interested in them because of the mysteries that come with beetles.

  • Most of the beetles speak to us of groundedness. As they move with their bellies close to the earth, this indicates that their wisdom is deep and sacred. 
  • They also talk to us about steady, and gradual processes. Basically, symbolizes slow and successful development.
  • Their symbolic meaning also offers protection. Their hard external body shells are more than just a shimmery beauty, they protect. And this gives us a symbolic meaning.  
  • Their antennas persist in sensory perceptions, which reminds us to carefully sense our environments. Antennas also play an important role in defense which is important for us in social interactions. 
  • Beetles come in a variety of colors and these colors have symbolic meanings in themselves. Whenever you see a beetle, the first thing you should do is to note its color, as each color has its own meaning. For instance, red symbolizes love, energy, and passion. While Green symbolizes prosperity in wealth and health. Blue for calmness and so on. 
  • Beetles usually gather in groups, this makes beetle spirits a symbol of cooperation, and teamwork. 
  • Beetles are versatile and can nearly live in any climatic conditions (pretty much everywhere except the oceans), this gives us a symbol of adaptability. 
  • Scattered beetles, according to most, is related to material gains, wealth and career progress. 

Basically, they give you correct perspective towards life. 

There are numerous varieties of Beetles, all over the world. Rove beetle, Ground beetle, Leaf beetle, Soldier beetle, Scarab beetle, June beetle/bug, just to name a few. 

 Let’s put some light on June Bug and Scarab beetles and their spiritual power. 

  • June bug spiritual meaning.

June beetles are considered pests. They are typically recognized by their antennas 

June Bug/Beetle shows us how to balance and remain grounded. 

June bug teaches us to navigate what is hidden in our conscious and subconscious minds. They symbolize a higher intuition connection and teach us how to dig deep to find answers. 

June beetles help us to know, think and act accordingly. 

  •  Egyptian beetle god

Ancient Egyptians as you might know, were always fascinated by dung beetles. 

In ancient Egypt, they even had an Egyptian scarab beetle God (a man with a scarab head)

This God was associated with the divine manifestation, and he was considered Khepri-God of the rising Sun.

One of the Egyptian scarab beetle facts that the ancient Egyptians believed was that Khepri God of the rising Sun, pushed the sun across the sky. This was very much similar to a scarab beetle pushing a ball of dung, and laying its eggs within. 

Scarab symbology- 

The scarab beetles laid their eggs in the dung balls and fed their young ones, which represents a cycle of rebirth, hence they symbolize Immortality, transformation, Resurrection, and protection

In the ancient Egyptian religion, the Scarab symbol was one of the most important religions. They used to adorn themselves with ornaments, as they considered their appearance related to the heavens. They considered it more precious than gold and silver. 

Scarabs were worn as amulets, fashion accessories and were also used as currency. All of this symbolizing Wealth.

A Black Beetle
A Black Beetle

Heart Scarab is one of the most famous artifacts, mostly worn as an amulet. Egyptians were very much keen on protecting their hearts (for them, the heart was the center of life).

 And the Heart scarab was intended to protect their hearts. 

It was carved with a piece of dark grey stone, in which every feature of the scarab was inscribed carefully. 


As we have seen, Beetles have a lot of spiritual meaning, most of it is positive. 

If beetles have been showing up in your dreams lately, you should use this opportunity and let the beetle lead your life. And you might see wonders happening in your life!

On that note, stay happy and keep dreaming!

Manisha Puri
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