Dragons Symbolic Meaning

Know about the fascinating facts about the dragon in “Dragons Symbolic Meaning” and be awed.  

Dragons are very powerful creatures both among the mythical and real ones. They are so powerful that the Dragon symbol can influence our lives. 

An Ancient Dragon
An Ancient Dragon

You don’t believe us? Then start believing as it is true. 

All the things that are happening in your life, the decisions you are taking, and the way you behave are being determined by your dragon symbol. 

If you are under the influence of the dragon symbol then a lot of good things can happen. 

We see that you are looking interested!

Then let’s start without any further delay by looking first at the things we are going to discuss in this article in the Table of Contents. 

Table of Content

The Chinese Dragon Symbol
What do dragons symbolize?
What does a dragon symbolize spiritually?
The Japanese dragon symbol 
The dragon head symbol
Black dragon symbol
Asian vs European Dragon
Chinese Dragon types
Vietnamese Dragons

Saw that elaborate layout. Even more excited now? Let’s get into it. 

The Chinese Dragon Symbol

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a dragon

Well, that’s what Chinese Dragon is all about in Chinese Zodiac Signs.

Considering the same, let’s know more about dragon symbolism and cultural aspects!


What do dragons symbolize?

The Chinese Dragon symbol is considered to be very good in Chinese culture. You have the Chinese Dragon symbol if you were born in the years 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024. 

Basically, all those years which have a 12-year gap between them starting from the year 1928. 

It is believed that people, who have this symbol as their zodiac sign will be powerful, will have noble qualities in them, will be lucky, have a lot of honor among people, and will be successful in life. 

Cultural View!

In Chinese culture, the dragon is seen as a friendly creature that brings good luck to society in general.


Keep reading!


The dragon is believed to bring rain for the farmers, is the power of the Emperor. The Emperor wears clothes with the dragon symbol on it. The dragon also symbolizes power. 

The power is of all types and not only physical. Chinese people use things with the dragon symbol to give them strength and luck. 

The symbol is used on things like paper fans, clothing, flags, kites, etc. the Chinese people also celebrate a Dragon festival every year to honor the mythical creature.  

Well, celebration indicates tradition and so pure intention certainly be a part of its story.


Want to know, what does a dragon symbolize spiritually?

Spiritually it is believed that the dragon is the soul bearer of the dead people. 

After the death of people, the dragon takes the souls of the deceased to the heavens. It is also believed that the dragon is the forefather of the whole Chinese population. 

The Chinese people take pride in this fact and consider themselves as powerful people. Dragon also protects people from various bad things and omens. 

The people with the dragon zodiac sign have some added protection, according to popular belief. Many people in China worship the dragon for good luck and power.

 At times of trouble, remembering the dragon will help in coping with the situation better.

Thought-provoking Right?

Seems the privileged and perfect mode for beautiful souls!

But there is more!

The Japanese dragon symbols

The Japanese people also believe that the dragon is a benefactor and protector of humankind. 

In Japanese culture, there are six types of dragons which are named Sui, Han, Ri, Fuku, Ka, and Hai. Sui is the king of the dragons. 


The Japanese dragon is not capable of flight, unlike its Chinese counterpart. As Japan is an island, the Japanese people believe that the dragon is a sea creature and looks like a sea serpent. 

The Japanese dragon has three claws and people in Japan get dragon tattoos made on their bodies for reasons similar to the Chinese.       

The dragon head symbol

The dragon’s head in the Chinese culture is symbolic of law and order.

 It is believed that the dragon has nine sons. They are Qiuniu, Yazi, Chaofeng, Pulao, Sunni, Bixi, Xi’an, Fuxi, and Chiwen. Among them, Xi’an has a structure that comprises a big head and shorthands. 

The big head symbolizes wise decisions and thus its association with law and order, this is a wrong but popular association done by people. 

In reality Bi’an stands outside the jail gates and is the supervisor of lawsuits. Bi’an is like the justice creature of the Chinese. 

The traditional face of Bi’an is very horrifying so that criminals do not even dare to elope from the Justice and jails.     

Another Side of Dragons!

As we know, every coin has two sides. Likewise, dragons are protectors yet associated with vengeance

That’s suiting, right!

Well, here is a point, Recognition!

Vengeance if dragon is all about Black dragon

Black dragon Symbol

The black dragon is believed to be the reason for natural phenomena like storms and floods. It is almost like the dragon is meant to give punishment for the damages done to the natural things. 

Another interpretation is that the black dragon works as the equalizer and cleaner of the society in general. 

The black dragon is also symbolic of rage. In a way the black dragon is responsible for all things bad. 

The Chinese people believe that the black dragon corrects them whenever they go on wrong paths. 

Now, tell us, are you able to find the differences in cultural views?

So far, so good!

But, let us share the insights!

Asian vs European Dragon

Cultural AspectEuropean DragonAsian Dragon
Associated asAssociated with bad thingsConsidered as well-wisher for humankind
Reflectionevil creatures that steal goods of people, torment and kill them, and burn down their housesfriendly creatures that bring prosperity and good luck with them
Viewshould be killedWorshiped

Huge Difference, right!

Well, the reflection of each culture suggests the different history and stories.

However, this special dragon has some types as well to understand them better and figure out the right symbolism.

Let’s dig the details here!


Chinese Dragon types

As mentioned, there are various aspects, lets find out the types to understand how each dragon role plays the best.

Quick Look for you!

Spiritual DragonControls rains and winds
Winged DragonLooks after rains and floods
Celestial Dragon keeps the Gods from falling from the sky to the earth. 
Coiling Dragon responsible for controlling the time
Treasure Dragon protects hidden treasures 
Underworld Dragon Controls flow of the rivers, streams and seas
Horned Dragon considered evil (the black dragon). 
Dragon King controls the seas of China in all four dragons.   

So many roles in dragon story, right?

Well, now,  let us share with you with a quick story!

The Vietnamese dragon is smaller in size than the Chinese dragon. Vietnamese people call themselves the children of the dragon and the fairy. 

Read It to Believe it!

The popular belief is that dragons had helped the Vietnamese people when some foreign invaders had attacked them through the sea. 

The dragons were the mother dragon and her sons. The dragons they say spat out pearls which turned into jade stones. These stones created a firm wall on the waterfront and the ships of the invaders crushed upon contact with the stones. 

The Vietnamese people worship the dragons for their valuable help and thus are important.  


At last, we can say that dragons are more than just mythical creatures, they are an emotion, a feeling. They have a spiritual effect on our lives and the influence of the dragon symbol on life is very strong. The Asian culture considers dragons as good things while the European culture only associates it with bad things. On a whole, dragons are the greatest creatures who will continue to fascinate us.

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