What Are Dream Catchers? Have You Seen A One?!

Have you seen a Dream Catcher? Do you like them? Those colorful, funky, decorative, and eye-catchy things hang on the walls, from the ceiling or from the windows. Aren’t they too beautiful to be ignored?

But have you ever thought about why they are specifically called dream catcher? What is the meaning of a dreamcatcher? What could be a dream catcher purpose? Or what possibly can be the origination of dream catcher?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions or anything related to dream catcher in-depth then don’t worry, because we are here to help you know about these beautifully created and perfect-looking hangings in detail.

A Dreamcatcher
But first, let’s set the mood right for this topic by sharing some dream catcher quotes with you;

“Dream Catchers have holes yet we believe it’s the best one to catch our dreams.” 

“Protect yourself from negative dreams,

While letting positive dreams through,

The negative dreams would get caught up in the web,

While the positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dreamcatcher.”

“You make me feel safe and secure

Keep my fears and demons away

With beads and bells, little lights and feathers,

Strings that bind all the goodness,

Love and care shooting my nightmares away

You are my personal dream catcher.”

Are dream catchers good luck?

There is a section of people who believes that dream catchers have another purpose than just the legends related to dreams. According to them, dream catchers are good luck charms as well. They say that Dream Catchers represent good energy and help neutralize the bad energy and to do that, it doesn’t even matter if you are asleep or awake.

Now let’s begin with answering all the other questions related to dreamcatcher one by one

A Hanging Dreamcatcher

“Why are they specifically called dream catchers?”

According to some ancient American beliefs, there is a tradition of hanging these spider webs like looking dream catchers in their room because the air is filled with both good and bad dreams that we catch while we are sleeping. So, in order to prevent bad dreams from entering our dream world as nightmares, dream catchers are used to filtering the air using its web-designs and work as nightmares catcher to send us only good dreams. This is the reason why they are called dream catchers.

“Are dreamcatchers evil or good?”

Well, we are certain that you already know the answer here as it’s clearly good as it filters not just the bad dreams but also the bad ideas for society by cleaning and filtering the air.

“How a Dream Catcher works according to believers?”

According to some Legends, the spider web design of the dream catcher allows good dreams to pass it and float down through the hanging beads and feathers to the person sleeping under it.

Dream Catchers are also called spiritual tools since they insure a person gets good dreams who sleeps under them. That is also the reason they are usually placed over the area you would sleep and the morning light can hit it.

This is also a very important role of the dream catcher in the sleep of an infant.

“Where are dream catcher found?”

It’s not very difficult to find a dream catcher since it’s available both online and offline. There are so many online stores like Amazon and others which offer Dream Catchers in a wide variety. Just check them out over there, pick up the one you like the most, order it and then wait till you receive it and hang it over your bed.


It’s not just a saviour from bad dreams but also a good piece of decoration for your room.

“Origination of Dream Catcher”

Today the dream catchers are associated with Native American culture or woven into their traditions. But dream catchers are often believed to have originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe in particular. A Tribe of people that is originally from northern midwestern Canada and the USA. The majority of historians agree and believe that the dream catchers originally originated from there.

“Are there any specific Christmas dream catcher?”

Well, if nowadays, Dream catchers are called American Concept, then it’s quite obvious that there will be Christmas dream catchers as well.

If you are wondering what is the difference in between a regular Dream catcher and a Christmas dream catcher then let us clarify this for you that the only difference it has is of its decoration.

The only decorative material, beads and feathers vary in both of the dream catchers and not anything else.

While a regular dream catcher can be of any colour, the Christmas dream catchers are majorly red and green in colour. They have Christmas trees, teddy bears, stars and also Santa Claus placed in between them with some beautiful feathers and beads that literally add up to the theme and mood of Christmas.

They are also snow white in colour with bells hanging over them instead of beads specially for Christmas.

This sounds beautiful right? Well, since Christmas is not too far, you can already look for some Christmas dream catcher for yourself or to give them to your loved ones to wish them happy and positive dreams. Good idea, isn’t it?

A Dream Catcher In A Room


Every beautiful piece of a hanging is not only some decorative material, they can have a purpose, an origin, a history and a reason for existence too. Just like Dream Catchers, the perfectly made, beautifully decorated and nicely placed wall hanging, that brings positivity in our dreams, clarity in our lives and beauty in our room.

Well, this also concludes that everything is possible, removing bad dreams from you sleep too and this mindfully made, spider web like thing called Dream catcher has got all the potential to do that.

Not just that but it also shows how advanced our ancestors were. How mysterious technologies were used to eliminate bad dreams.

How they created something is useful that can be used till date for such an important purpose.

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