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“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

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Who doesn’t like the vast sky and the celestial bodies that it holds? 

The sun, the moon, and the morning stars of-course. That makes the view too beautiful to ignore and the sky too pretty to not fall in love with, especially the night sky, right?

Morning Star

So, today we are going to dedicate our article to one of the beauties up above the world so high, that is called the morning star. Have you ever wondered what is a morning star and why is it called so?

No? Well, then this article is perfect for you.

So, to all the astronomy lovers out there, this is the best time for you to learn everything about the morning star. Just stop doing all the work and start reading the treasure we got just for you.

Welcome to the World of Stars and Morning Stars!

Have you ever thought about what planet is the morning star?

Well, if you are already into stars and astronomy then you would definitely know the fact that the second planet in our solar system i.e. Venus, is known as the morning star of the sky.

This name is given to this planet because it appears in the east just before the sunrise and makes the sky and the sunrise even more interesting and beautiful.

Well, not just that but our morning star has more qualities that made him the star he is today. Being the second natural object in the sky after the moon and can even be visible through the naked eyes in broad daylight on rare occasions, are to name a few.

A Morning Star
A Morning Star

With an estimated distance of 108.2 million kms from the sun, distance of 167.25million km from the earth, orbital period of 225 days and a radius of 6,051.8 kms this morning star aka Venus is also called the evening star for the same reason.

Now tell us which of the above information is completely new to you? Maybe the one where you got to know that the morning and the evening star are the same planet, right?

Since we have given you all the information regarding Venus the morning star, now let’s move forward and talk about the meaning of the morning star symbol.

The Morning Star Symbolism

The brightest star in the sky at the dawn, the Venus, symbolizes hope and guidance. According to research and beliefs of different tribes from around the world, its meaning is related to the past spirits and the ancestors.

Venus holds great importance amongst all the celestial bodies in the sky.

Specially the unique appearance and light of this planet, makes it a very crucial mythological figure in several ancient tribe and cultures across the globe.

Not just hope and guidance but Venus is also considered to be a symbol of love, fertility and femininity.

One of the reasons why it is called the morning star is because it ends a dark night by appearing bright at the dawn and that is also the reason it is the symbol of hope. 

Wooden Morning Star
Wooden Morning Star

And that reminds us about the fact that so many people get the Morning star tattoos on different parts of their bodies.

Do you know the reason behind getting that symbol permanently inked on your body?

The reason behind these acts are also due to the reason this symbol holds i.e. epitome of hope and guidance all together and so they take this step of engraving this symbol of light on their bodies that will guide them home.

When we have such a beautiful celestial body that represents such a good meaning, who wouldn’t want to get it tattooed on their body to find hope, faith and guidance?

We wonder if you are also thinking of joining the group of this morning star tattooed folks? Well, if you do, don’t forget to tell us about it.

The Symbol Saga Continues

You must have heard the phrase eastern star. Do you know what the eastern star symbol means? Read further to find it out.

Although the order of eastern star symbol is based on the teachings of the bible it is still open to people from all kinds of religious beliefs and the eastern star’s appellation implies a relationship with the morning star or the planet Venus as well.

Each of the 5 points on the eastern star has an emblem of a different biblical heroine and the qualities these heroines represent which also stands for the whole meaning for the eastern star symbol. Read below to find out the name of the heroines and the qualities they possess.

  1. Adah- Fidelity 
  2. Ruth- Constancy 
  3. Esther-Loyalty
  4. Martha-Faith 
  5. Electa-Love
Venus Morning star
Venus Star

 Isn’t it too much to gasp? Just one symbol with so many meanings that bring positivity, love, hope, and goodness in our life?

So, tell us which symbol’s meaning attracted you the most and what are you going to do after gaining so much knowledge about them?

Getting them tattooed on your body or maybe hanging its picture in your home, hmm?

Conclusion: Morning Star

There is a big reason behind Venus being called the morning star. It is not only the brightest star in the sky after the sun and the moon but also gives a ray of hope by ending the darkest of nights by appearing in the dawn.

A Star
A Star
Not just that but it is the symbol of guidance, love and femininity as well. How cool is that?

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