Ladybug Meaning And Good Luck Symbolism

“Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone”, is a most commonly sung home nursery rhyme in the western world, especially the countries like Amalgamated States, England, etc.

  • What is Ladybug?
  • Are ladybugs good Luck?
  • We will verbalize about it in detail if ladybug designates superstition or ladybug meaning love?

Well, spiritually speaking, many countries consider ladybugs as Goodluck, and being around them is a time of wish fulfillment. The belief is inbuilt so strongly that even many nursery rhymes reflect the strange yet beautiful intuition.

In many countries, including Russia, Turkey, and Italy,a coccinellid is either a call to make a wish or a be granted.

And if we look at the scientific origination, the name of a ladybug is ‘Coccinellidae’, a family of diminutive beetles ranging in height between 0.8 mm to 18 mm (0.03 to 0.71 inches).

The family is commonly kenned as ‘Ladybugs’ in North America and ‘ladybirds’ in Britain and the other components of the English-verbalizing world.  

Ladybird beetles or lady beetles are the preferred names by Entomologists and as a matter of fact, these insects are not relegated as true bugs.


Some fascinating facts about ladybugs:

1) There are about 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the whole world. They come in many different patterns and colors.

2) One ladybug can victual up to 5000 insects in its lifetime. Most of the ladybugs are oval, dome-shaped bodies with six short legs. They are colorful and have polka dots on them.

3) Many people like ladybugs because they are resplendent and innocuous to humans. Are ladybugs good fortuity? Affirmative, they are considered to be fortuitous charms when they land on someone. Unlike other insects, they are non-threatening and it is believed they bring good fortuity and ladybugs have been loved by humans over the centuries.

4) Germany car manufacturers Volkswagen Beetle has got some adorable names in other countries such as in France, it is called ‘Coccinelle’, which signifies ladybug. ‘Fusca’ in Brazil again means ‘ladybug’.

5) Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Feline Noir is one of the famous web-series, inspired by ‘ladybug’.

Is it love or superstition? Let’s find out!:

Ladybug superstition or ladybug meaning love is the commonly asked question. There are many old folk tales and superstitions affixed to ladybugs, it is verbally expressed that when you are sick and if a ladybug lands on you or your hand it will take away your sickness.

In some situations, it is suggested to wear a ladybug amulet to gain some good fortuity and fortune.

Once upon a time, there was an antediluvian Chinese legend who has linked ladybug with love, according to him if a ladybug comes to you, it’s a denouement that the true love of your life will pay you a visit anon. 

Symbolic Meaning Of Ladybug

The symbolic meaning of the ladybug is to be believed a personification of lady fortuity, brings prosperity and good fortune. The way they are effulgent and colorful, the same way it influences the joys of living to the fullest.

It is additionally verbally expressed that ladybug resides under the aeolian aegis of the Virgin Mary. Ergo, it is lamentable fortuity to kill a ladybug.

Ladybug and the Virgin Mary both are designated for the bulwark of human souls. In case if you’re wondering what does it designate when a ladybug lands on you, then it signifies ‘Good Fortuity’ in many cultures.

This additionally betokens that people will experience love, experience financial prosperity, or some other desired wish will come true.

It is surmised differently in all the cultures. Ladybugs in house meaning that you will experience the good news related to love, money, health, or divine intervention, this shows Ladybugs as a symbol of protection.


Is it bad luck to kill a ladybug?

Well, so far we have certainly contemplated the association of luck with a ladybug. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that there could be some negative impact if you kill the ladybug.

Moreover, it has been believed that if get the chance to count the spots on a ladybug’s back, that could be the reflection of the blissful months ahead.

Considering that killing a ladybug is indeed a path of misfortune and should be avoided at all costs, so the superstition goes.

Here we will apportion the peculiar superstition about a few everyday insects around the world:

1) The Bees:

Due to their alluring appearance and colorfulness, bees are associated with productivity, diligence, and ingenuity many superstitions hop around bees such as In Greek folklore if a bee lands on your head, it is verbalized to denote that you will be very prosperous in life.

Furthermore, if a bee physically contacts the lips of a child, the child grows up to be a sublime poet. Many other superstitions are annexed to bees.

A Bee

2) Spiders:

Undoubtedly spiders look creepy, however, per English tradition, if one crawls across your palm you will soon come into Mazuma. It brings good luck and get you a closer luxurious life.


3) Butterflies:

Butterflies are considered as tiny colorful heralds of God. In Japanese folklore, butterflies represent the souls of people and so are treated with great reverence.


4) Snails:

The rainy weather and walking of a snail on a green leaf can be admirable. What would be your reaction when you get to know that this beauty can be considered as protectors. Yes, you got it right, it I believed to remedy warts. It was believed that once the snail had rotted away, warts would vanish.


5) Dragonflies:

They are considered as implements of the devil; In Sweden, it was believed a dragonfly would pick out your ocular perceivers.


6) Caterpillars:

American Woolly Bear caterpillars, with their brown and ebony stripes, are traditionally verbally expressed to be reliable prognosticators of winter weather. Believers say, the thicker the ebony stripes, the worse the weather is going to be.


The above insects are another example, the juxtaposition of ladybugs, superstition has no circumscriptions. For centuries, humankind has made, practiced, and worshipped many rituals of either no pertinence, concrete consequentiality, or logic reasoning.


ladybugs in particular also named as Goldie birds are the bringer of good things to humans: attire and pots and jewels. So, if you are around the ladybugs, take a sigh of relief and muster up the courage to step ahead in life as you are closer to your fortune.

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