Swan Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

Well, the grace of God is not hidden from anyone, the mesmerizing nature, strange phenomena of the universe is indeed admirable. Well, Swan Symbolism is one of the admirable things of the universe.

Having said that, each creation of the god mirrors the magic and enhance the beauty of the earth.

On that note, how beautiful it would be when we enlighten ourselves with its grace even more by knowing the enthralling, unique, and splendid meanings behind its every creation.

If we are mirroring your thoughts, then keep reading as we are about to explore the beautiful sight of swans and its symbolism.

Already intrigued?

So, let’s find out What do Swan Symbolize? Why people from ancient times believed swan is the pure form of love, grace, passion, beauty, and protection.

To begin with, let us tell you If you love reading about Mythology and you want to know about all history then you are in the right place.


Swan is symbolized as pure love and all other goods. In many religions Swan is idolized as a god or related to god, in some religions, there are stories where god transformed themselves into a swan for some good sake and for love.

There are stories where you can find that have many versions of it but the context is the same. Swan symbolizes peace, it is the opposite of bad human nature and hatred a person can possess.

People considered Swan as the holy sign, Swan is the reminder that there is a solution for everything and you should see your guardian angels are with you.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Swan?

Swan brings spiritual blessings and it is one of those beings who are related to concepts of holiness. Therefore people believe that if a swan comes in your life’s one should never ignore the sign and follow the path.

Hold On! There’s something more about it.

The beliefs and faith in swan have made the bird almighty. Swans have changed people’s lives in many aspects, and people love swan for a good reason for a long time. Swan made people believe in themselves and to look forward to good hopes.

Swan in Hinduism is said to be a connection between the two different worlds, the world of material and the world of spirits. They fit perfectly in the slot where they are connected to both elements air and water. Isn’t interesting?

Zeus and Leda – Greek Mythology

Who doesn’t like Anecdotes? Yes, we have a Greek Mythology story related to Swan. What’s that? Tilt your head down and start stepping in the world of Greek.

Zeus and Leda’s story is famous as Leda was the lady who was blessed with beauty. Leda was married to the King Tyndareus. He was from Sparta in Greece.

Whereas Zeus was the god, almighty, he was already married to the goddess Hera but he had affairs with other women too. He wanted an affair with Leda but she denied.

The story starts here with Zeus turning himself into Swan to approach Leda, as we said many stories have different versions, so in other versions, it is said that Leda turned herself into Goose to avoid Zeus.

After being a Swan, Zeus and Leda made love by which two eggs were laid. From the first egg, according to some versions, they had twins named Castor and Polydeuces and Helen and Clytemnestra from another egg.

Later on, Helena was the most beautiful woman in the whole world. She got married to Menelaus of Sparta.

Interesting, Yes? Well, we are not going to let your curiosity break. What’s Cygnus? Don’t know? No worries, check below.


Star Constellation – Cygnus – The Swan

The word Cygnus itself means Swan. You can see the star constellation in the Northern Hemisphere during the early fall and summer season. This constellation has many stories to tell, the tears and the sad song behind this story is heart touching.

But some say the swan is Zeus himself as he disguised to impress Leda. But some tell stories of Phaethon and his friend Cygnus.

Who is Helios? Don’t know? Well, letting you know would surely be exciting for us.

The sun-god Helios had a mortal sun who was Phaethon, he had a desire to ride the sun chariot, and after so long time his wish was granted to drive the Chariot. But this incident took a different path, happiness turned into sorrow, and tears of joy were turned into the last cry.

Phaethon was in the condition where he can’t control the chariot and he drove the chariot close to the earth, this caused the river to evaporate and the birth of deserts, at that moment mother earth was crying in pain.

Zeus realized he had to save the earth, with the help of his bolt he shot the inept Phaethon which killed him and fell down in river Eridanus. Cygnus was heartbroken, he went in the river to collect the remains and he cried of sorrow and sang a song.

After hearing this Zeus was moved and let Cygnus transform into a constellation.

Saint Hugh of Lincoln – Patron Saint of Swans

Saint Hugh Patron of Avalon, France is known as the Saint of the swans. He was also known as the Saint for children who were sick. The feast of Saint Hugh Patron is celebrated on 17 November.

Though his birth was in France but the later half of his life until his death was spent in England. It was King Henry II who invited Patron to England as he was very renowned for his kindness and intelligence.

Black Swans
Black Swan Symbolism

Saint Patron was known for his wit, humor, and charm which was loved by all. He made the king calm down when he used to get angry. A patron was even courageous to save the jews from prosecution.

He had a friend swan who used to follow him everywhere. The swan was so close to the Saint that the swan was there by his side even when he died. So his emblem is the swan.

Swan Symbolism – Swans in Myths and Legends

Swans have considered are the holy animal but sometimes, people are converted into swans as the curse. The story of the Irish legend starts with his happy family living the life at fullest. But we all face problems and downfalls in our life and the same the Irish legend had.

Sadly queen Aoibh died, king Lir and his children Aodh, girl Fionnuala, and twin Fiachra and Conn. But Aoibh’s sister arrived in their palace. King Lir fell in love with her and ended up marrying her, she turned out to be an evil stepmom.

She was jealous of King’s children because the king loved his children beyond imagination, and she wanted his attention. The four children were playing near the lake close to the castle one day.

Aoife came and hex the four children to turned into swans and the spell would break when they will hear a bell from church and would be blessed by a monk. After knowing this King begged but Aoife denied and turned into the demon for eternity.

After 900 years those swans heard the bell from heaven and after some time a monk took pity and blessed those siblings but they were extremely old and died after a while on each other’s arm.

Khori Tumed and the Swan Woman- Mongolian Myth

Do you think the same? If a ‘Yes’, then there’s something for you which you must be aware of.

What’s That? The Story of Mongolian legend Khori Tumed is read as this is related to swan and in this story, the swan plays the major role. The legend Khori passer-by the lake Baikal, and he looked at the rare sight.

He saw some nine swans landed near the lake (in some version 3 swans are mentioned), all of the nine swans removed their feathers to take a bath in the lake.

Khori was shocked by watching swans disguising themselves as women and they were gorgeous. He couldn’t control and he peeked while they were bathing and he took one feather.

All women were unaware of it, when they finished bathing, swans came to wear their feather coat. All swans had their feather coats except for one swan. Without their feather coats, they can’t fly like a swan, so eight swans flew away and one was left behind as a human.

At that time Khori appeared and he was overjoyed and he proposed to the woman and apparently, she accepted and got married to Khori. They both had eleven children.

The swan was aware that her husband had her feather coat. Khori, knowing she will go away forever, didn’t give her coat back.

Swan Symbolism

Her desperation was on another level, she just said she would not leave him. She just wants to feel her coat again. So Khori gave the feather coat and he knew she would fly and leave him forever. After giving her feather she turned herself as a swan and was just gonna leave.

At that moment legend, Khori just requested to bless his eleven children, but the swan ended up blessing the whole tribe along with his children. Ever since the tribe was fortunate to be blessed by a swan.

Now, we don’t think we left out with any topic still covered. Uncovering everything related to Swan from the depth, we came to wrap up this article.

Closure | Swan Symbolism

Swan Symbolism is part of life now. You will hear different stories of legends from different parts of the world related to swan. If we believe in something then it will be as real as our existence, it’s all up to us what we want to accept or what we learn from these stories. So as we know the real meaning of Swan Symbolism, we love them to the deepest.

This stories and myth are heard from all over the world, it’s all about you what you want to believe. But having swan blessing is like god bless you, people will say a lot about swans, as we know the number of mouths increases the parts of the story.

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