Dolphin Spiritual Meaning And Intelligence

Dolphins are our co-creators and co-evolvers.

We learn from each other and assist one another on our awakening journey.”

Almost every other person turns towards a spiritual way of living either because of the problems they are facing in their lives or because of some sudden belief, change of heart of interest towards spirituality.

And while talking about spirituality, we tend to talk about the spiritual things that surround us in different forms, including animals, mammals, etc.

Dolphin in Sea
Dolphin in Sea

And so, not including dolphins in this topic makes spiritual talks incomplete. And to help you gain some more spiritual knowledge, we have brought some dolphin talks for you.

Let’s have a look at the contents before moving forward.

. What does dolphins symbolize?
. Dolphin spiritual meaning
. Dolphin Symbolism in Christianity
. Apollo and the Priests
. Dolphins in Greek Mythology
. Dolphin as a friend, helper and guide

All this and many more dolphin and spirituality related information is waiting to be discovered by you.

The Dolphin Facts!

Let’s first understand exactly what dolphins symbolize so that we can understand everything else about them easily.

. Dolphin spiritual meaning

The giant, beautiful, cute looking and friendly being, the dolphin is a representative of balance and harmony.

Their instincts and intelligence make them a symbol of protection and resurrection as well. Not just that but since they have a very calm yet playful, happy, and friendly nature, it gives away the vibes of having fun and joy in life while doing our responsibilities.

People who have some or any significance of dolphins in their life tend to have their qualities in them and are usually peaceful and gentle people.

Not just that, but dolphins also symbolize inner strength and cooperation along with all the qualities mentioned above. Doesn’t that make them very different and special mammals amongst all other beings present in the sea world?

Dolphin Facts
Dolphin Facts

So, we must dog deeper and know more about this cute looking spiritual animal in detail. 

Here’s what we have for you;

Since we are talking about dolphins and their significance, let’s understand it thoroughly!

. Dolphin Symbolism in Christianity

Do you know that there was a time when the symbol of early Christianity used to be a dolphin? 

A dolphin twisted around like an anchor.

Well, there was a reason behind this, since dolphins are considered the symbol of hope and eternal life in Christianity, they were given this much importance.

The dolphin like anchor or the anchor like dolphin represented the ability to preserve along with endurance.

Not just that but they also represent Jesus. 

. Dolphins in Greek Mythology

Do you believe that one thing can have two different meanings for two different people? While the dolphin is considered as Jesus in Christianity, the same dolphin is the symbol of Greek god of the sea in Greek mythology.

Dolphins are also believed to be the messenger of Poseidon in Greek mythology.

Not only that but there’s a famous Greek story about Apollo and the Priests where Apollo the most famous and influential Greek and Roman god, once captained a ship while being disguised as a dolphin.

3 Dolphins
3 Dolphins

He did so because he needed priests and followers for his new temple of the sun god, his father. He had to dive into the sea and so he took the form of a dolphin to complete his task.

Why he chose to be a dolphin is still not known exactly.

. Dolphin constellation

Who doesn’t like constellations? The shapes floating in the sky made up entirely of the twinkling stars. We know so many of the constellations up above the world so high.

But do you know about this dolphin constellation?

A small constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere with a name Delphinus. Delphinus, which is the Latin version for the Greek word for dolphin, which is close to the celestial equator and is visible from there.

It is believed that the dolphin was sent by Poseidon, the sea god, to find Amphitrite, the Nereid he wanted to marry.

Woah! It looks like history is full of dolphins and their amazing stories. What an amazing and godly mammal dolphin are! We are curious to know more about this friendly giant, aren’t you? 

Great! Then come along.

Shocking Facts About Dolphins

We already know so many facts and stories about dolphins from the past. Now let’s have a look at some more shocking and interesting facts about them.

– Dolphins intelligence

Reader, do you know that dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent mammals by most scientists.

Training a Dolphin
Training a Dolphin

Their ability to do things, the way they mimic their self-awareness, quick learning, problem solving and empathy towards other beings stands them out from the animal kingdom.

Not only that but they also have the skills to teach and innovate while being so joyous and playful.

Such multi-talented and multi-tasking dolphins are.

Dolphin as a friend, helper and guide

Would you agree, reader, if we tell you that the above-mentioned qualities and traits of dolphins make them a helper, guide and most trusted friend?

Their personality can make you a kid again while playing with them and you tend to forget all the tensions and worries of your life and play with them without the fear of judgment.

They are the best teachers, guides and friends not just for their fellow dolphins but also for the humans.

  • Here are some more shocking and unknown facts about this blue beauty.
1. Dolphins have two stomachs
2. They never chew their food. they just swallow it.
3. They can live up to 50 years
4. There are about 40 different species of dolphins found across the world.
5. They can dive up to 1000 ft.

We have given you so many reasons to love dolphins, which one do you like the most?


Dolphins have a history form way back then you can imagine. They are a spiritual being in not just Christian mythology but also have a huge significance in Greek and Roman mythology as well.

Dolphins are a true example of beauty with brains because of the uncountable good qualities they possess.

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