Are Frogs Goodluck?

Hey everyone!  Have you ever woken up and saw frogs hopping outside your house and jumped into bed again in fear?

Well, it’s time to receive some blessings! Because the presence of frogs will remove all your fear and hatred for frogs and make you a frog lover and make you believe how lucky and fortunate frogs are for you!

Confused? Well, don’t be!

Keep reading to get the meaning of Frog’s existence around you.

Meaning of Frog Around The House

When the frog is showing up time and again in your life, spirits want you to learn, grow and succeed in your life, and never confide yourself into a particular situation…!

A Frog
A Frog

Frogs are the symbol that it is time to clean the old memories and fear-based memories and embrace yourself. It represents metamorphosis, which is a complete change. 

If you are seeing frogs frequently, it really has some hidden meaning which we are here to explain to you!

On that note, let us explain the first and foremost thought!

Are frogs good luck?

Yes, the frogs are lucky!


To acknowledge the fact, let us take you to history!

This fact is true that for Japanese and Romans, frogs bring good luck for them but for Irish people, they are very tricky creatures who can play games on you.

Poor frogs!


But, see how it brings happiness!

  1. Fertility

You all will be amazed to know that frogs are the symbol of life, fertility, and rebirth. According to mythology, Heget is a frog- goddess of fertility. And Venus is also depicted as a frog sometimes.

  1. Wealth and health

Have you ever heard that frogs bring wealth and health?

It is true. Frogs are related with lunar yin which is directly related to good fortune in business. In China, ‘three-legged toe’ is seen as a symbol of wealth.

Frogs are also seen as spirit animals, connected with water animals… and this water cleans you emotionally, physically and spiritually…

  1. Friendship

It is very interesting to know that spring frogs who jump in the “hop toad” direction are going to bring a lot of friends for you.

On that note, imagine if a frog jumps on you!

Oops, scary, right! But we swear there is nothing to worry about! 

Know the reason here!

 What does it mean when a frog jumps on you?  

If a frog jumps on you, it means that your life is going to get transformed. Some positive changes are waiting for you and nature wants you to get mentally prepared to accept and embrace that change.

We know what you are thinking, that a jump of a creature can be fascinating, right!

2 Frogs

Now, what if you find Frog Inside the House Meaning.

Yes, you are on the right track, it has a meaning too!

Frog Inside the House Meaning

Frogs inside the house is very crazy to imagine but there are some hidden meanings behind that too. 

Different cultures carry different meanings if you are seeing frogs inside the house.

. In Japan, it is believed that frogs bring good luck to your home and its residents.
. In Greeks and Romans, frogs are the symbol of life, birth, rebirth and growth. 
. In Romans, the Goddess Venus is also symbolized as a frog sometimes.

All in all,they are seen as spirit animals in Native American culture and it brings a lot of money and can make you rich according to Chinese people if seen inside the house.

Not seen in your house yet?

But, what about a dream?

Now, tell us, ever seen a Frog in your dreams? 

Yes, we know that frogs are not something to dream about but, you know it can associate with something.

Read here!

What does it mean to dream about frogs?  

If you are seeing frogs in your dream, then it represents personality transformation, professional changes, some fresh beginnings, and something big is going to happen in your life. 

Especially when you are seeing a green frog in your dreams…!

Furthermore, if not in dream, but in some gift shop, you must have seen a beautiful piece of frog with the coin in mouth?

Have you even given a thought, what it really means!

Well, find out here, What does a frog with a coin in its mouth mean? 

According to Fen Shui’s theory of prosperity, money frogs help us to attract our wealth and abundance. It also holds true with the Good luck frog with three legs, as it guards us against bad omen and brings prosperity.

Money frog with a coin symbolises money flow. So, it is to be kept in mind that the statue of a money frog should not be positioned on the main door facing outward as it symbolises outflow more than inflow of money…!

Panamanian Golden Frogs.

The Panamanian Golden Ones are often printed on t-shirts and lottery tickets because it is something that brings you good luck and good fortune. According to local mythology, when a frog dies, it turns golden and they are very lucky and very fortunate to see it.

Panamanian Golden Frogs
Panamanian Golden Frogs

So, just grab the opportunity and bring the statue of Golden frog inside the house…!

Edvard Grieg and his Lucky Frog.

Edward Grieg, Norwegian Composer and pianist used to carry a little rubber inside his pocket and used to rub it before every performance… Because he believed that this rubber frog gives him fortune and confidence to perform in front of so many people…!


Frogs are the tiny little fortune carriers who are always there for them who adore it and keep its clone inside the house. Keeping a statue is also a good fortune whether it is of a golden frog, or a frog with a coin inside the mouth, or any rubber frog, Just like Edward Grieg.

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