Bird symbol meanings

‘Let’s fly high, oh it was a dream!’

We are certain, sure all of us must have thought of soaring high just like the birds in the sky.

 Have you even observed that  the thought  itself brings in the sense of freedom.

So, does it mean it has some symbolism? Birds in our dream are conveying something?

two birds

Have you ever given a quick eye to what do birds symbolize?

Most of the people consider birds as just mere creatures, with wings, while others have a faith that birds are symbolic and have some meaning.

And do you know, from time immemorial, Birds are considered messengers of God. (Since they are close to heavens) 

In this piece, we will be throwing some light on symbolic birds and their meanings 

What do birds symbolize?
Birds and their meanings
Spiritual meaning of bird omens
Birds that represent freedom
Birds that represent death

Birds in Dream!!

If you ever had a dream about birds, then you should not miss this good read!

Birds have an important purpose on this earth. They walk alongside us as 

. teachers, 
. messengers 
. as governs of light and 
. love

Also, they help us to understand the world that we live in and they teach us so much about what was here before and what will be here after us. 

small cute bird

Want to know, How?

Well, keep scrolling to know uncover some beliefs!

Ancient Side!

The ancients have always regarded birds as being sacred. Their behaviour was often used as clues and signs as to what mother earth might be up to. Throughout different cultures various birds have symbolic meanings. The spiritual meaning of birds has been found in various religious scripts. 

So, lets find out the insights!

Birds and Their Meanings

 They are often also referred from the historical literature, mythology and various folklore. 

Throughout the Bible, symbolic birds have been mentioned many numbers of times. They appear repeatedly from the start till the end.

 Birds have a very important place in the Bible, and there is no doubt in it. 

As we have spirit guides and animals, we also have spirit birds that come into our lives to give us a message or teach us something about our own ability and strength. 

Oftentimes birds come into our dreams and these dreams are a symbol of the things that are happening in our real lives. 

A dream about birds can be interpreted by the Bible, because there are actually biblical spiritual meanings of birds. 

So, lets give a closer look to its symbolism!

What do birds symbolize? 

There are various birds and their meanings represent 

. protection,
. strength, 
. immortality, 
. good luck and so much more. 

Birds are associated with the signs of freedom, through transition and even death. They could also be a symbol of escaping problems or hope and positivity. 

Birds are flying in the sky which can be a symbol of our strength to rise over the problems, a symbol of triumphing over difficulties that we have in our real life. Birds are a symbol of being free, and escaping boundaries. Birds are used as a symbol of Christianity in the Bible. 

Of Course, bird symbolism dreams can be negative as well. The meaning of a bird dream usually depends upon the bird that you are dreaming about. It’s important to know that each bird has its own symbolism and its own place in the Bible. 

So, lets know each type with their symbolic meaning!

 some symbolic birds like:

  • Ravens are always used as a symbol of darkness. On the other hand, 
  • a white dove’s symbolism is always positive. 

In the Bible,

. an eagle has been used as a symbol of resurrection and youth,
. falcon is always a symbol of evil thoughts. 
. The dove is a symbol of hope 
. The goose is a symbol of vigilance. 

What do cranes symbolize?

  •  In Asia, Cranes are welcomed as a sign of long life, happiness and eternal youth. Cranes often symbolizes longevity and good fortune. 
  • Seeing a Crane is more than a blessing.
  •  Encounter with a crane in your dream is a powerful experience and this tells you to look within and protect your wisdom at all sorts. 

 Bluebird symbolism 

It belongs to people who appreciate their blessings. 

  • When bluebird flies in your dreams, it’s your time to live in joy! 
  • Bluebird has a very peculiar color which gives true meaning to bluebird symbolism. It’s impressive azure hue gives it the universal meaning of contentment and happiness.
  •  It’s a color of peace, harmony, and honesty.
  •  Bluebird symbolism directs you to focus on all the little things happening in your life and showing gratitude towards it. 

Isn’t amazing to know that a beautiful creature with wings can be so meaningful.

a bird

Most of all, the beauty is that Birds that represent freedom- 

There’s not even a single day, when you look up in the sky and not see a bird! Birds are everywhere, trying to tell you something on each path of your life. 

In general, they serve as a symbol of freedom. (Oh, How we wish we could fly! ) 

But, did you know!

Most of the birds that represent freedom, also represent a symbol of the future.  

Bird that represent freedom, are called so, as you know they can be seen on every part of this planet, be it land, water, trees (you name it!) 

Considering the same, Eagles symbolic meaning by far one of the most staple birds that represents freedom in the minds of many. 

It has also been adopted by the United States- The land of Free as their National Bird and appears on their seal. 

More Bird for Freedom

  • Canary is another bird that represents freedom. Though it has negative symbols associated with it. But it by far outweighs them all with this positive trait. Canary symbolizes:
  • joy, 
  • well-being and 
  • freedom. 
  • Sparrow is identified as renewal, and newness. 
  • Heron is a bird that symbolizes fierce reliance and independence. Heron is a symbolic bird representing powerful and wise decision making. 

But Every Coin Has Two Sides!

While some birds may represent life and freedom, there are birds associated with death. 

Bird associated with death doesn’t necessarily mean a physical death, rather it’s more of a metaphorical death. 

Many cultures view particular bird associated with death which are mostly black. Black is often considered an unpleasant color and mostly worn in funerals which designates mourning.  

In folklore and some mythologies, Blackbird was considered as a bird sent by a witch or a demon. The blackbird was taken as a bad omen. 

Want to know, which is that Bird?

Ravens are birds considered as a symbol of darkness and represent death symbols. 

Ancient Time!

Symbolic meaning of crows as an ill omen. On that note, lets know more!

The Cultural View!

  • Native Americans believed that crows are a symbol of death.
  • Ancient Roman Deities also considered the symbolic meaning of crows as that associated with negative events, especially as a news of death. 
  • Owl- one of the most common symbol of death and an ill bird omen. Many tales and warnings appear about owl about its appearance and negative symbolism. 

Too Many things just with the flying bird!

a small bird

Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, there’s a fundamental meaning of seeing birds in your dreams. 

Here we are with Dream Game!

Some types of bird mean harmony, peace, hope, joy and more while others might warn you of difficult times or struggles. 

Beside from the type and species of the bird you see, bird symbolism also depends upon the manner, behaviour and sound of the bird.

 All these minute details are worth noting as this will help interpret your dream more clearly. 

To Conclude-

Bird and their deep-rooted meanings are undeniable. Bird symbolism has been travelling through age old times until today, in the modern world. Seeing them in your dreams hold a lot of significance. They sure are trying to indicate you of some sort of a positive or negative sign. It’s important for you to recognize this spiritual meaning behind the bird’s symbolism as this will guide you through a better life. 

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