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“Anything is possible when you have the right people and a friend there to support you”- Misty Copeland. 

Hello guys, hope you all are doing well. I had a question for all of you, could you please tell me what the above quote reminds you of? 

I think ninety percent of our answers would be ‘our friends’.

Yes, every person in this world requires someone whom he or she can fall back on. This being is often said to be our best friend. This is the person whom you trust the most after your parents, it is that relation and bonding where there is little selfishness and a lot of secrets. That is why as human beings you often long for one good friend in your life. 

friends forever
Friends forever

And yes, this has been an age-old thing. Who isn’t aware of the bonding between Lord Krishna and warrior Prince Arjuna? The Bhagavad Gita is all about the ways how the Lord himself helps his beloved friend in all walks of life, the good and the bad. I would rather say there are hundreds of examples of such friendship in the mythologies all around the world. 

As soon as this idea flickered through my mind, I thought of sharing something in friendship with you all.

Hope you’ll have a great time reading this piece and will be reminiscing all good memories that you have with your best friends!

Table of Content
What symbolizes friendship?
The symbol symphony

So here it is, get whatever you have to know.

Happy reading!

What symbolizes friendship?

It is anonymously said, a good book is better than a thousand friends but a good friend equalizes a whole library. This is the power of a good friendship. Most romantic partnerships that are based on friendship are stronger than those backed by passion.

 Around the world there are a number of things that symbolizes this rock-solid bond. 

Some of these symbols that mean friendship include, 

  • Bracelets, 
  • Claddagh rings, 
  • Tattoos and also yellow roses. 

Let’s give it a closer look!

  • Bracelets 

mostly worn by couples in western countries to celebrate and strengthen their accord. For people in the US wearing bracelets as a symbol of friendship is very common. 

best friend
Best friend


Traditionally, you make a wish when you put the thing on you and when the thing comes out as a result of being old, the wish is thought to be coming true. 

  • Claddagh rings 

Associated with the history of King Willian III and his lady love attached to it. It symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship. 

  • Tattoos 

Common symbol of friendship over the recent years.

  • And finally, ROSES world!

 Not all roses but the yellow one is the sweetest symbol of believing in someone as your best friend. 

So, what are you thinking, which one do you like to celebrate your friendship stories with?

Still, intrigued to know more?

The Symbols’ symphony!

Let’s have a ride through the various forms of the ancient symbols of friendship. 

Friendship often barges in with values like loyalty and there are a number of things that represent loyalty

Firstly, there are certain animals that are considered as symbols for loyalty, there are colors, there are tattoos and many more.


Read here!

  • Dogs and wolves are often used as a representation of loyalty, guardianship and strength. 
  • The color Blue symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith and truth. 
  • Also, a large number of tattoos signify loyalty.

Now let’s have a look at the symbols that celebrate this purest bond of friendship.

best buddies
best buddies

The Japanese symbol for friendship

The Japanese use the word ‘Tomodachi’ or ‘Tomodachi’ for calling each other friends and ‘Yujo’ means friendship. They use a mix of Kanji and Hiragana to write these words.

Chinese symbol for best friend  

This often includes a calligraphed t and x written in a different style in Chinese. The word ‘Youyi’ in Chinese, is used to say friendship. There are a number of other symbols and other translations as well.

Celtic symbol for friendship tattoos

These symbols have a meaning deep inside. The clockwise spirals are said to be connected to harmony and earth and the anti-clockwise ones are thought to be manipulating nature. Also, there is this Celtic Triskelion which symbolizes strength, progress and prosperity.

Considering the facts, we know, FRIENDSHIPS ARE PRECIOUS!

There’s nothing in this world like your best friend. 

From the first day you met each other and made friends with a soft smile on each other’s face to the trust and loyalty you grew for each other, the bond has been an everlasting one. 

It gives you peace and solace. 

And if you want to keep this with yourself why not make a friendship symbol tattoo for yourselves. After all, permanent tattoos last a lifetime! 

There are a lot of options, low-cost small tattoos, then there’s a popular motif of three trees telling us that we three are best pals for a lifetime. Furthermore, trees symbolize wisdom, protection and eternity. 

There are a number of symbols too like the double triangle symbol showing how opposites connect to a deeper level moreover the design looks like the Nordic Rune Inguz which reflects creativity and new beginnings. Then there are quotes and matching tattoos. If you want to give a gift that means something. You can give your friends custom T-shirts that symbolize your friendship. Yellow roses and wolves can be painted on them to represent your pure friendship. Custom T-shirts are as permanent as tattoos. This is a gift that is often given to friends. Because it contains your carefully tailored feelings. Add some ancient symbols, and the dress will represent a deeper feeling. Good friends will always have each other’s back. 


So, Guys, come on, gear up!

Want to cherish this bond forever? 

Choose your type of friendship tattoo and get it done.


 I think all of us have heard a lot about some of the great friendships of the world and all of us do agree that there is nothing more cherishing in this world than a good friendship. And it is very important that we cherish and celebrate this bond. This article here will take you a step forward towards this goal of yours. 

Hoping that you and your bond keeps flourishing!

Hundreds of yellow roses and friendship bands for you!

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