Discover Your Life Path Number and Know Your Greater Purpose

Are you looking for something more in your life? You can’t pinpoint it exactly, but you feel like you should be doing more. Through numerology, you can use numbers to explore further your personality and uncover your true life’s purpose.

Numerology is a science that uses the sum of numbers and a person’s vibrations to figure out their character and life path. While astrology focuses on planets and their connection to people, numerology fixates numbers and their relation to people. Once you become more aware of numbers through numerology, it becomes easy to see how much they influence your life.

Life Path Number

Diving into the practice of numerology, it’s believed that you can better understand the world around you by observing numerical patterns. For example, with a simple equation, you can learn about your life path number —a single-digit number that reveals who you are, your strengths, and the challenges you may face in the future.

What do you need to calculate your Life Path number? First, you have to reduce your birth date to its numerical value. For example, if your birthday was on July 8, 1995, you get the values of the day, month, and year:

  • The number equivalent of July is 7.
  • The date of birth is 8.
  • Reduce your birth year to a single number by adding the digits together: 1+9+9+5 = 24, then add the sum’s digits together: 2+4 = 6.

Calculate your life path number by getting the sum of the three digits: 7+8+6 = 21. Then reduce the sum to 2+1 = 3. Depending on your date of birth, you may get another double-digit number after this step, so keep reducing until you get a single-digit. In this birth date example, 3 is the life path number.

If numerology is something new to you, but you’re familiar with astrology, think of it as the same as your zodiac sign. It’s a representation of both your personality and your future. It provides your tendencies as well as what your obstacles will be. When you’re aligned with your life path purpose, you’ll feel on track, on point, and energized.

What does Your Life Path Number mean?

Every life path number has a great number of characteristics and predictions tied to them. Here are the common traits attributed to each one.

Life Path 1 – Leader

Values: individuality, independence, autonomy

Strengths: People with life path number 1 are ambitious, natural-born leaders and are successful in the professional field. They’re charming, diplomatic, and always interesting.

Challenges: These people are caring to the point that they’re overprotective and overbearing. They’re prone to anger, find it hard to develop a voice on their own and find greater self-confidence.

Life Path 2 – Diplomat

Values: balance, love, partnership

Strengths: Life path number 2s are people who are deeply kind and empathetic. They’re often artists and sometimes politicians because of their skill for diffusing tense situations.

Challenges: Because of their conflict aversion and empathetic nature, they become overly dependent in personal relationships and see it difficult to stand up for their needs. The challenge is to tap into their emotional sensitivity and connect with other people.

Life Path 3 – Life of the Party

Values: creativity, fun, self-expression

Strengths: 3s crave attention and generally gets it easily. They’re like children who’re always high in energy and achieve many great things.

Challenges: 3s can easily start big, exciting projects but often abandon them. They find it difficult to focus or commit and become too fixated on others’ perceptions of them. 3s need to remain optimistic and realistic in times of difficulties.

Life Path 4 – Hard Worker

Values: health, discipline, structure

Strengths: 4s are generally principled and reliable people, making them desirable friends and co-workers. 

Challenges: 4s can be rigid or too fixated on rules and norms and find themselves frustrated by people who create their own rules or go too far outside of the box.

Life Path 5 – Free Spirit

Values: adventure, change, movement

Strengths: 5s are curious, intellectual beings which makes them great educators or journalists. They have strong communication skills with a childlike sense of wonder.

Challenges: 5s satiate themselves too much with their hobbies or vices, like shopping or partying. They’re superficial and noncommittal in relationships and find it hard to establish a daily structure.

Life Path 6 – Nurturer

Values: family, responsibility, and long-term goals

Strengths: 6s are animated activists who can be great lawyers, speakers, and therapists.

Challenges: 6s find it hard to be consistent, especially when taking care of themselves.

Life Path 7 – Perceptive

Values: imagination, introspection, imagination

Strengths: 7s are creative with a strong and vivid imagination. They’re able to entertain themselves and rarely bored.

Challenges: 7s can be a bit shy and have a hard time connecting with others and constantly moving between work and hobbies. 

Life Path 8 – Power Player

Values: authority, material things, success

Strengths: 8s know how to handle money well, are ambitious, and willing to work hard to be self-sufficient and comfortable.

Challenges: 8s skill with money means they might be susceptible to fraud and are at risk of becoming workaholics.

Life Path 9 – Humanitarian

Values: acceptance, compassion, understanding

Strengths: 9s are idealistic, have deep principles, and are unwilling to compromise their values in favor of convenience.

Challenges: 9s have risks of codependency in personal relationships and find it hard to enjoy the present rather than focusing heavily on their dreams for the future.

Embrace Your Life Path

Has your perspective changed now that you know what your life path number is? Now, you’ll start seeing the connection, patterns, and conjunction with numbers throughout your day. The moment you understand your life path number, you dig into a world of self-discovery and attain deeper perception.

With your life path number discovery, you begin living the life you are meant to live.

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