What Happens When Pluto is Retrograde?

Pluto is feared in astrology, mainly because it paves the way for chaos and destruction. Although this is the case, it’s a force for revolution and rebuilding. 

For many, this begs the question: what happens when Pluto is retrograde?

What Happens During Pluto Retrograde 2021?

Retrograde is a time when planets—such as Pluto—appear to spin backward. 

Compared to most heavenly bodies, Pluto’s retrograde lasts longer than most. This is due to its prolonged movement, being the outermost planet in the solar system.

In essence, the Pluto retrograde can run for five months—six months if you’re unlucky. Since the planet does this 40% of the time, 40% will be born during Pluto retrograde 2021. 

That said, those with the Pluto retrograde in their natal chart often suffer from power or control issues.

In other words, these individuals always need to be in control. More often than not, this leads to mental health problems. They find it challenging to maintain relationships because of their blurred views of boundaries. 

These people also feel the need to be secretive, apart from adhering to the deep dark aspects of life. 

These things happen because when Pluto retrogrades, people inwardly feel the planet’s power. 

Astrological Significance of the 2021 Pluto Retrograde

While there are many issues for those whose natal charts occur during the Pluto retrograde, it’s not as pronounced as the Venus or Mercury retrograde. 

However, the planet—when it transits—can still exert various effects on your life. 

In horoscopes, Pluto is linked with obsession, compulsion, control, and power. When used positively, they could be your driver for personal success. 

Unfortunately, some use this energy to do more sinister things. In the end, they use this power to destroy and manipulate others. 

While planetary retrograde could lead to destruction, it usually happens on the things with which we’re obsessed. This is actually good because it breaks us free from such bonds. Without these shackles, letting go and rebuilding everything is easier. 

On a personal level, you could use the Pluto retrograde 2021 to eliminate the bad things in your life. You have the power to let go of things that weigh you down. 

While you have five to six months of reflection, it’s not enough if you ignore these signs that call for change. Instead, it would be best if you directed it towards your transformation. 

The Pluto retrograde is a sign that you should examine the inner truths of your shadowy self. It helps expose your bad personality and traits. 

Once you bring these faults to the surface, you can get rid of them once and for all. 

Pluto Retrograde and its Effect on Your Zodiac Sign

Pluto’s long retrograde can have profound effects on the different horoscopes.


If something has been holding you back from professional success, it’s time for you to break through them.


As this planet retrogrades, your zodiac should be ready to expand your horizons. 


Be ready to take the control that you’ve once given away.


Explore the energy that binds you to people. 


You need to make changes, especially if your activities are hindering you from meeting your goals. 


It would help if you loosened your control. Enjoy the finer things in life!


It’s time to transform, so be flexible!


Pluto is your planet, so retrograde is the time for you to speak your inner truth.


It’s time to grow out of the habits that negatively affect your finances.


Embrace the changes, but reflect on them as well.


Connect with your dreams and unconscious mind.


Let go of the friendships that don’t work for you anymore. 

Pluto Retrograde Transit Per House

During the planet’s transit, you should expect or do the following: 

  • 1st house (self): With the necessary willpower, you can use this time for growth and transformation. 
  • 2nd house (finance): It’s a sign for you to change the way you view money.
  • 3rd house (communication): You may need to shift your attention and show your humility. 
  • 4th house (home): You should stop blaming others! Instead, it would help if you showed respect to everyone related to you. 
  • 5th house (creativity): Don’t let anything hold you back. You should be bold and brave going forward. 
  • 6th house (health): You should dig deep so that you can break free from your inhibitions.
  • 7th house (partnership): It’s time to confront your past and present behavior and attitudes. 
  • 8th house (sex): You should use this time to escape intense yet unhealthy relationships.
  • 9th house (ideas): You need to relinquish control, even if it’s hard for your subconscious. 
  • 10th house (public image): Take a good hard look at your career aspirations. 
  • 11th house (community): Rethink your social motives, especially if you’re only manipulating the person. 
  • 12th house (subconscious): You should love yourself and your life even more. 

Now that you know what happens during the Pluto retrograde 2021, it’s time to channel such power towards your life, career, and relationships. 

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