What Does Selenophile Really Mean?

We live in an era where using a single word to describe a feeling, habit, or emotion is a trend that everyone follows, right?

But do we know the meaning, theory, and reason behind every one-word substitution that is commonly used nowadays? Don’t you want to possess the knowledge where you know what those fancy-looking words in Instagram bios mean?

What Does Selenophile Really Mean?

Let us start today with a very popular, classy, and one of the most favorite words of the millennials, and the reason behind this love, its meaning, and the depth it holds.

The word we are talking about is ‘Selenophile’ and you are about to know what does selenophile really means?

So, let’s not waste time and understand what makes this word so special, famous, and favorable to the masses.

The Selenophile Story

Sometimes, the moon is all I have.”

Most people know that a selenophile is a person who loves the moon but there’s more to it than just being a moon lover.

Allow us to unfold the moon story in front of you and present you with some raw information on selenophile’s theory.

Starting with what does selenophile really mean?

While the scientific definition of selenophile means a plant that grows in a seleniferous soil tends to take up selenium in quantities greater than can be explained on a basis of chance, but here we are not talking about these types of selenophiles, we are talking about people and their association with this word and why they like to be called selenophiles?

As you know, a selenophile is a moon lover, who loves darkness and the moon with all of its stars, who has a connection and deep fondness for the moon, and positively loves and cherishes every minute of its presence.

Where is selenophile from and how long has it been around?

You exactly know what is Moon lover called and what selenophile really means, but now the question comes Is Selenophile a real word, or is it made with two different words? All these questions followed by another set of questions that where is selenophile from and how long has it been around?

Well, talking about selenophile’s roots, do you know that Selene is the name of the Greek moon goddess and this word comes from the Greek mythology where the goddess is seen sitting on the throne as the Greek goddess of the moon and fire is another Greek word which means loving?

So now, by combining both the suffix and prefix together, we get the meaning of selenophile that is a moon lover and for our curious and avid readers, the answer to their question ‘which language is Selenophile from’ have also been answered along with its origin and meaning.

But what about its existence worldwide? If we talk about the internet world, selenophile first appeared on the internet in 2015, but it started gaining attention and popularity in 2012 without the help of the internet.

Every answer paves the way for another question and another doubt in the minds of those who are always eager to know more read more and find out more about the things they love.

And we know that all of our selenophile readers are now thinking what does the goddess of the moon do, isn’t it?

Is Selenophile a real word?

Selene’s job as the goddess of the moon includes driving her chariot in the night sky while pulling the moon with it. She also had the power to give sleep to mortals by allowing them to have a period of the day with no sun.

Another power that Selene possessed was the ability to allow mortals to dream while they slept. Centuries ago, it was believed that she would often visit mortals in their sleep and give them an answer to a question they may have been asking her for long or something that is bothering them too much.

Apart from that, as you know the moon goes through different phases each month, that’s the reason why it is said that Selene also personified life’s constant changes and its different phases.

Interesting, isn’t it? Many more interesting details including what kind of characteristics does a selenophile has, are waiting for you below. So, continue reading and continue grabbing.

Mission Moon

I am a selenophile. I love to talk with the moon and the stars.”

That’s exactly what a selenophile does, talking to the moon. But what are its other qualities?

You already know the selenophile ne demek aka selenophile meaning, but do you know that people who call themselves selenophile have some special characteristics that define them?

But before we present you the most famous characteristics of selenophiles, let us quickly complete the story of the moon goddess Selene and tell you what is Selene’s myth?

One of the most popular myths of the immortal Selene was the story of her relationship with the mortal Endymion who was a shepherd living in Greece on Mount Latmos.

Selene was in love with Endymion and began having a relationship with him. But because of the difference between their mortality and immortality, Selene took the help of Zeus and asked him if he would grant Endymion immortality and eternal youthfulness?

What is Moon lover called?

Zeus granted her wish by putting Endymion in an eternal sleep in a cave on Mount Latmus where Selene would visit him each night. It is also said that Selene and Endymion had fifty children together.

Coming back to the selenophiles here’s your answer to what kind of characteristics does a selenophile has?

Besides shared love and adoration of the moon, it is believed that selenophiles have at least these 3 common characteristics in them that they share with varying degrees of depth and intensity:

Being a deep thinker or contemplative.

Keen observant, seeker of truth, and lover of life.

Very introspective and self-reflective.

Apart from these three common characteristics, selenophiles also signify wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and spiritual connection just like the moon.

Although we have shared most of the selenophile related details with you our hearts aren’t full yet and we feel like sharing some more details on the topic to enhance your knowledge.

And on that thought, we have prepared an FAQ on selenophiles for you that’s given below. Come and have a look!


Selenophile: The world’s First Moon Lover.

Do you know who was or who is known as the first selenophile aka first moon lover? Endymion was the world’s first selenophile as he was also the beloved of the moon goddess herself.

What is Moon lover called?

Is The Moon Goddess Evil?

Many people think that immortals are usually evil. Talking about the moon goddess Selene, Lunar deities, gods, and goddesses who personify the moon and its cycles, are comparatively rare in nature and the famous myths and stories.

But in primitive hunting cultures, the moon is frequently regarded as male or masculine and when a culture believes that space is handled by a woman in higher authorities, they consider her evil, cruel, or dangerous a figure.

While in reality, the moon goddess is seen as a nurturer who allows everyone to sleep and have dreams.

Selenophile Tattoo Can Mean Something?

You must have seen people with moon tattoos on their bodies. So, are they all selenophiles or does that tattoo mean something else too? Here’s your selenophile tattoo meaning: the moon, as you have just now read, is seen as a symbol of female power, transition, creativity, and growth.

Its stories, beliefs, and myths have got deep meanings associated with it that make it an appealing subject to have inked on your body. While selenophiles get it inked for their obvious reasons, it also represents hope and change for non-selenophiles. Some people get this tattoo because of the inspiration by the symbolism linked to a crescent shape.

From selenophile’s meaning to the origin, language, myth characteristics, and even tattoo details, all the information has been discussed and delivered to you. So, enjoy your treasure!



Every fancy-looking word has a meaning and a story to share with you. whether it’s about a tattoo, a liking, or a famous myth, there’s a reason behind everything.

Just like that, selenophile has also got so many details to share with you, and now you know why a moon lover is called a selenophile, who was the very first selenophile, what powers do the moon goddess possess, and what does crescent-shaped tattoo represent.

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