What Does Flying In A Dream Mean Spiritually

Flying in a dream spiritually reflects new possibilities, hopes, freedom, and inner strength that can fight the odds. When I saw myself flying in a dream, I felt it was a type of lucid dream as it left me feeling easygoing, euphoric, and fun when I woke up. However, many people find them scary and confusing, especially those who are acrophobic.  But, it won’t be wrong to say that these types of dreams are indescribable. Sometimes these dreams fill you with motivation and strong inner strength to fight against all the negativities in life and other times it just alerts your mind and makes you see warnings to save you from falling. 

But, when I read more about it, I figured out that  Flying in a dream can be of many types, such as flying in a plane, flying alone in the sky, flying with different types of creatures, or trying to fly. Whichever type of flying you saw in your dream is a representation of your daily hassles and it significantly represents personal willpower and embracing the current changes taking place in your life. And thus, they can either be a positive experience or maybe an experience. 

But, all in all, if we understand the meaning, I can say that Negative experience while flying represents anxiety, low feeling, and fear. While a positive experience represents new opportunities and gives you confidence.

And so,  in this article, I am sharing with you all the necessary details of the meaning of flying in a dream along with some additional information associated with it. 

The Following Are Common Interpretations Of Flying Dreams:

1. Flying in a vehicle:

The act of flying in a plane or another vehicle may indicate that you have the ability to tackle your immediate issues and may be interpreted as an unconscious need to take on a challenging situation by taking the risk.

2. Flying in a clear sky:

Often, these dreams are driven by the unconscious desire of the dreamer to escape from their problems. However, the act of flying in these dreams indicates that the dreamer has the power to do so, which requires that the dreamer consider new approaches to the problems they once faced.

3. Flying over turbulent water:

As a result, the water represents an unrecognized emotional issue that you are not dealing with in your waking life, which urges the dreamer to examine their waking life for hints that they are neglecting some inner turmoil.

What Do Dreams About Flying Mean And What Symbolism

Flying dreams symbolizes inner strength and winning over enemies. Dreams about flying freedom from obstacles and expansion of your career or success. It is said that flying dreams may represent that the person’s soul has left the body and the soul is moving towards the higher place of liberation. As the soul is eternal and it never dies or ends, these types of dreams indicate that you need to let go of your past and move on towards success and leave an unproductive worldly mess and focus only on those things that are useful in your growth.

You should free yourself from the burdens of negativity and other things that make you feel low and fly high without thinking much, then only you will be able to do something better. Dreams about flying remind you to take a break from your daily routine and start to do something that freshens your mind and keeps you happy. It will help you to get relief from monotonous life and bust your boredom. 

Types Of Flying Dreams With Mammals, Birds, And Insects

Flying in dreams can be of different types and in most cases it is alone but it can be with mammals, birds, and insects. It also holds specific representations in your life. Let’s find it out how:-  

  • Flying with mammals

Flying with mammals represents joy and they are not meant to be taken seriously and they are difficult to explain. You are casual and live your life happily with joy and excitement. 

  • Flying with birds

When you have dreams of flying with birds and they are chirping then it represents that you hate people gossiping and back-biting about you and it hurts you as they are your near and dear ones. Also, some people are pouring this gossip into your ears that make your life more miserable. 

  • Flying with insects

When you dream of flying with insects then it has several meanings. In the case of flying with butterflies, it represents a positive omen and a good transition is taking place in your life. If you have dreams of flying with bats then you need to understand the current scenario very efficiently before making any decision. If you have dreams of flying with dragonflies then it denotes joyfulness and purity. If flies are flying in your dreams with you then your current issues are going to get worse day by day. 

What Do Dreams About Flying Mean 

Practically, flying can not be done by human beings. But the thought of flying high in the sky is something that fascinates all of us for childhood. For ages, we are always excited about floating in the air and escaping from this land. This means that we want to liberate ourselves from these worldly problems and dreams about flying denote that we want to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

If you dream about flying then most likely you have several obstacles in real life which hold you down and you want to escape them and free yourself from them. Flying in a dream means your cravings for independence or liberation. It is also said that flying in a dream denotes ambition means you want to crack an exam or want to achieve higher success and you are in the phase of struggle.

You are tired of your struggles and hardships and want to achieve your goals as soon as possible. You want to overdo things and that puts you in lots of anxiety and you are losing your inner peace due to overthinking and tension. In that case, you need to calm yourself and have patience. Also, according to some psychologists, flying in a dream denotes repressed sexual desires that need to be manifested and the dreamer has this state of euphoria and keeps fantasizing about it.  

Biblical Meaning Of Flying Dreams

The biblical meaning of flying in a dream is hope, faith, freedom, strength, imagination, and a heavenly mindset. Flying in a dream is a positive type of dream and it symbolizes spiritual growth and positive awareness. The main emotion in this type of dream is to understand your attitude toward your spiritual journey. Flying in a dream is not literal and it has hidden symbolic meaning related to your daily life. According to the Bible, God always speaks in riddles and parables, and believers are expected to interpret them.

God has provided you with the secrets of the kingdom of heaven to help you interpret these riddles. If you feel happy and excited while flying in the dream, it means you have the strength and you can achieve a big success in real life. You are a brave person who has a never give up type of attitude. In addition to this, if you feel scared while flying then God wants you to have faith in your capabilities, and in real life, you should fight against unfavorable circumstances rather than giving up.


1. What To Ask Yourself When You Have A Flying Dream?

When you have a flying dream, you need to ask yourself about the challenges and obstacles that you are facing currently and analyze how to overcome them. Flying in a dream denotes strength and capabilities to fight and a strong personality. 

2. How Did You Feel While Flying? 

Flying in the dream is an exciting experience. It may come with mixed emotions, both positive and negative. But flying is overall a positive experience and it gives thrills and adventure. However, some people experience fear while flying and they get scared. The majority of dreams are vivid and highly indescribable, so it is completely okay if you don’t feel either happy or scared.

3. What Is It Called When You Fly In Your Dreams? 

Flying in the dream can be considered a lucid dream as in this type of dream you are aware that you are dreaming and you can take control of the plot. It is your unconscious desire to liberate yourself from problems.

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