How To Use A Crystal Ball [Ultimate Guide]

Popular as a fortune-telling object, crystal balls are sphere-shaped and luminous objects which are used for gazing, scrying, meditation, and crystal healing. Looking into the crystal ball, the seers form a spiritual connection with their higher self and thus open their intuition or their subconscious self. Crystal balls come in various sizes and are highly polished with a reflective surface which helps in connecting with your Higher self.

What Are The Main Uses Of Crystal Balls?

How To Use A Crystal Ball

People know crystal balls as a means of looking into the future but crystal balls have more use than just that. Here are the different ways in which crystal balls are used:


Scrying means gazing into a reflective surface to open your inner eye or intuition so that the seer can go beyond their conscious mind and into their subconscious. While it is possible to do scrying by looking into any other reflective object or surface, crystal balls are very popular for this purpose. People use this to make important decisions, decide on a course of life or get spiritual guidance. 


Crystal balls can also be used while meditating. They can be held or just kept close during the meditation session. Their energy can really help during meditation and can even make one go into a hypnotic state which opens up one’s inner powers. 


Crystal balls can be used for healing. They are several ways to do that, like holding the ball in your palm, keeping it in your presence while in healing therapy, or placing one on the blocked chakras. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Crystal Ball?

Crystal ball benefits the mind, body, and soul. 

For the Mind

The sphere-shaped ball pulls equal amounts of energy on all sides, this giving perfect balance which helps in bringing clarity of mind and thoughts. The reflective surface of the crystal ball enables connecting with your higher self and this assists in emotional healing, decision-making, and processing through complex feelings. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, tension, and negativity. 

For the body

Crystal balls are helpful not only in emotional healing but also in physical healing. You can use it to massage your body and clean your chakras through the crystal ball’s positive energy. 

For the spirit

Crystal balls can help in spiritual enlightening and well-being. Connecting with your crystal ball can open up your intuition or sixth sense, which further broadens the mind to all that the universe has to offer. 

How to Use a Crystal Ball for Gazing?

In order to use a crystal ball for gazing or scrying, the first thing you need to do is find a crystal ball that you connect with. Since working with a crystal ball is a matter of working with energies, the important thing is to follow your intuition and choose a crystal whose energy attracts or calls to you. Then you can follow the following steps.

Basic Steps For Crystal Ball Gazing

How Do I Know If My Crystal Ball Is Real?

You can tell if your crystal ball isn’t real and just a glass ball if it is completely clear, has air bubbles inside it, or is very low priced. The healing crystal balls are usually made up of real quartz and are usually high in price. While natural crystal balls take up thousands of years to form, since they take in the Earth’s energy, glass balls are factory manufactured.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make a crystal ball work?

In order to make a crystal ball work, first clean and charge it and then form an energy bond with it by gazing into it. Putting both of your hands on the ball will also help you connect with the energies. 

2. How do you use the crystal sphere?

Hold the crystal sphere in your hand and focus your energy on it. Feel the sphere, its energy, and its weight on your palm, and allow yourself to go into a trance or meditation. Allow the sphere to root you and let it fill your being. 

3. Where should you place a crystal ball at home?

At your home, you can place the crystal ball in whichever space you inhabit the mist so that you can benefit from its energy. Or wherever you think the energy will help you. 

4. What is a crystal ball used for?

A crystal ball can be used for fortune-telling, scrying, healing, and meditating. 

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