5 Ways To Use Obsidian For Spiritually

Obsidian is a rock made with magma that erupted from a volcano. As the lava cools and solidifies, its atoms are unable to organize into a crystalline structure and so they become a mineraloid and volcanic glass. While black obsidian is very popular, it is also found in other colors such as gold, and silver.

There are also obsidians that have rainbow or peacock or snowflake-shaped or colored minerals inside them giving them a beautiful and unique appearance. It is commonly found in places that see a lot of volcanic activity. 

Obsidian is known as a spiritual cleanser as it is believed to have the ability to bring clarity by absorbing psychic smog. It also removes negative influences on the spirit and provides spiritual protection. 

How To Cleanse Your Obsidian Gemstone

How To Cleanse Your Obsidian Gemstone

Now, let us talk about how we can use obsidian to its full potential. Just like the healing crystals, obsidian also needs to be cleaned before every use. Cleansing it will help you to restore its vibrations and let go of all the negative or unwanted energies. This way you can ensure that you get the best out of your obsidian.

All the objects and methods that are used to cleanse the obsidian also have strong absorbing powers. Here are some tried and tested ways in which you can cleanse obsidian:

By Using Brown Rice
  • You can take a bowl full of brown rice
  • Put the obsidian in the bowl for around 24 hours
  • Take it out after 24 hours and throw away the rice. 
By Using Sage
  • Take some sage leaves and light them on fire. 
  • Allow your obsidian to be immersed in the smoke for around a minute
With Moonlight
  • On the night of a full moon, keep your obsidian in the moonlight for at least 60 minutes. 
  • You can also let it remain outside the whole night and remove it around sunrise. 
With Sound
  • Either take a Tibetan singing bowl or find a video on Youtube of the same.
  • Place your obsidian in front of the bowl
  • Hold the bowl in your right hand and a stick in your left. 
  • Tap on the bowl with the stick
  • Keep on ringing the bowl with the stick for 5 to 10 minutes. 
With Meditation 
  • Sit in a quiet and peaceful place with the obsidian in front of you. 
  • Focus on your breathing and visualize the light around you and your obsidian. 
  • Visualize the light letting all negative energies out of the obsidian. 
  • You can do this until you can feel the negative energies leaving your obsidian. 

Follow any of the above-mentioned methods to cleanse your obsidian before your next session so that it will be at its full potential and ready to use.

5 Ways To Use Obsidian

5 Ways To Use Obsidian

now that we have talked about how to make an obsidian work at its full potential, let us talk about the ways in which it can be used by you:

1. To get rid of unwanted or negative energy. 

Obsidian has great absorbing power which means it also works to absorb all negative energy. By sweeping the obsidian all over your body you can remove negative energies. you can also sweep it over any physical injuries so that your wounds heal faster. 

2. To help in dream work and exploring the astral realm            

If you are someone who is interested in exploring or visiting the astral world or have meaningful dreams, you can use the rainbow or peacock obsidian and put it under your pillow or by your side of the bed when you go to sleep. Obsidian is known for helping you connect to other realms. Try this a few times for it to work and do not give up on the first try. 

3. for emotional healing

You can use obsidian to get rid of your stress, tension, and other negative emotions. Due to its absorbing powers, obsidian has healing powers. It assists in clearing the mind and also provides protection against past trauma. It also enhances feelings of compassion, forgiveness and strength. 

4. for grounding

Obsidian is associated with the root chakra which is known for keeping us grounded in all situations. Obsidian works really well to ground and center you by clearing the root chakra. It can be placed in any part of your house that is occupied by you regularly or carried in your bag for grounding and security. 

5. for gazing

Obsidian can also be used for scrying or crystal gazing. Scrying is when you look into the reflective surface of the crystal to foretell the future. It is believed that Obsidian mirrors have been used for this purpose by the people of ancient Mexico. 

Sub Keywords

1. What type of rock is obsidian?

Obsidian is an igneous rock that comes from an extrusive rock which means that it is made from the magma that comes out of the volcano on eruption and is naturally cooled. As the lava cools, it forms obsidian. 

2. What is black obsidian good for?

Black obsidian is good for psychic cleansing and clearing the mind due to its absorbing abilities that remove all the negativity and other useless influences from the mind and spirit.

3. How to tell if obsidian is real?

You can tell if your obsidian is real by its shiny glassy appearance. It is natural glass but is a bit harder and sharper than regular glass. It is also dark in appearance and its color ranges from brown to black depending on the impurities present in it. 

4. What is obsidian used for spiritually?

Obsidian is used as a spirit cleanser. It removes the psychic smog and brings clarity of thought as well as removes negative energies from the mind and spirit and encourages positivity, compassion and strength. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is obsidian associated with any birth months or zodiac signs?

Obsidian is not assigned as an official birthstone to any month or sign but it is often associated with Scorpio and Sagittarius signs or people whose birthdays fall in October, November, and December. 

2. Which chakra is it associated with?

Due to its power to ground and center, obsidian is associated with Root chakra which is a chakra that keeps us rooted no matter what is happening around us. Obsidian clears this chakra. 

3. Is it a good crystal to sleep with?

Yes, Obsidian is a great stone to sleep with. Its ability to calm and center you makes it really good to sleep. It also helps in dream work and enhances meaningful dreams. 

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