Getting a Ministry Degree: What You Need to Know

Is your heart tugging you toward the ministry? Do you feel called to spread the Good News and help others grow in faith? Are you wondering about the degree process or what to do once you’ve got a ministry degree?

These are all great questions, and we can help you with the answers. Keep reading for what you need to know about getting your ministry degree.

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Ministers are well educated with a deep knowledge of Biblical doctrine, religious history, and philosophy. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in theology, religious education, or religious studies.

You’ll take core classes in general Christian studies but may also choose an area of concentration. Areas of concentration include but are not limited to:

  • Children and family ministry
  • Urban ministry
  • Sports ministry
  • Pastoral ministry

A bachelor’s degree is a good first step. Many churches require ministers to have a Master of Divinity which leads to our next point.

Masters of Divinity Degree

Do you want to work as a minister in a church? The position comes with great responsibility and you’ll need a ministry education such as a Master of Divinity. The Master of Divinity program teaches students about the responsibilities and rigors of leading a church.

You’ll learn about congregations and communities, how to write and deliver sermons, and conduct worship services. You’ll also learn leadership skills and delve into political theology. You can learn more at these Christian colleges.

Are you interested in becoming a Catholic priest? You must be male and attend a seminary for four years. Seminary programs have specific education requirements and offer graduate coursework in theology, liturgy, ethics, and more.

Become an Ordained Minister

To work as a minister in a church, you must undergo the ordination process first. Each denomination has different standards and ministry degree requirements for ordination. Some churches have oral or written exams.

Some churches ask you to volunteer at the church for a specified amount of time before you’re eligible for ordination.

State Licensing

In some states, you’ll need a license to work for a church. Requirements vary depending on the state, so check with your state for information. If a license is necessary, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Ministry Degree Careers

Jobs in ministry aren’t limited to pastors only. A ministry education prepares you for other types of positions as well.

Do you like working with young people? Youth ministry is a place you can make a difference in young lives. Help steer troubled youth toward a better future.

A few other positions include:

  • Teacher
  • Camp coordinator
  • Chaplain
  • Missionary
  • Counselor/school counselor
  • Coach

Depending on what direction you take, you may need further education, such as a counseling degree and license. You can also take a behind-the-scenes approach and choose to work in church administration.

A Ministry Degree for a Life of Purpose

A ministry degree prepares you to live a life of purpose. Combine your love for God and your career, meeting others where they are in their faith journey.

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