When we heard of the word “devil”, we think of bad deeds or bad habits.

I’m right?

We all think of that because the devil indicates evil things and bad omens. But what does the devil card mean in a tarot card?

Is it a good sign when the devil card comes out in a tarot reading?

Let’s find out!


The Devil’s main Tarot’s meaning is that it depicts human wants. You may be sure that the scenario will revolve around the physical world, for better or worse, when it arises in general, love, professional, or business reading.

The Devil constantly informs you that your efforts will be in vain. What you’re after will only cause you anxiety and emotional distress. You will, however, return for more since you can’t help yourself. The keywords of the devil card are addiction, depression, lust, cheating, dependency, and obsession. 

Now, we know what the devil means in the tarot card. 

But have you wondered what does the devil tarot card mean career

Is it a stroke of good luck or bad luck?

In tarot readings, you can pull the card in two positions that are uprights position and the other one is reversed position. 

So, let’s talk about what the devil card says in career readings. 

Let’s start with up the upright position!

Upright Position Of Devil Tarot Card in Career Reading

When an upright devil card pulls out it means that You can feel lost or confined in your job right now, seem like you don’t have any other choice except to stay somewhere you don’t like. It’s simpler to blame your circumstances, bad luck, or a variety of external reasons when you’re in this state.

 You may feel trapped in this profession and unable to make the changes that would make you happy. 

When it comes to working relationships with your co-workers, this card can also indicate self-sabotage and seeking attention.

 The contrary of how it feels, the Devil’s arrival can indicate that you have wider options than you believe; all you have to do is to restore your authority.

 Taking responsibility for a situation where you have no control can be frightening, but sometimes it feels empowered. 

Let’s know what’s the reversed position says in the tarot reading.


The interpretation of the Reversed Devil Tarot card is far more favorable than that of its upright counterpart.

When the individual receiving the reading is about to rise to a higher plane, the Devil regularly appears upside-down. But there’s a catch: you have to let go of any negative or unhealthy attachments first. You’ll be able to restore your power and independence by detaching.

Let’s find out what the revered position says about career guidance. 

Reversed Position Of Devil Tarot Card in Career Reading

In a career reading, once it comes to work, you’re taking responsibility for your job choices and making that many improvements to avoid future problems.

 You may be taking action if you’ve been in a suffocating situation, whether it’s leaving an unfulfilling career, a hazardous atmosphere, or deciding to repair a poor relationship with a co-worker.

 You may know to feel reliant on your profession for reassurance, knowing that you may find it elsewhere. 

so, keep track of the changes that occur when you restore your independence.


That concludes the Devil tarot card career interpretation. If the Devil appears in your reading, keep in mind that the Devil’s message is clear, whether it is upright or in reversed position. 

Hope this article resonates with you!

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