Are Witches Real? 3 Facts That Prove They Exist

When people say the word witch, what do you think of? Is it the hooked nose, green skin, and brimmed hat Hollywood image? You may be surprised to know that many witches actually look fairly normal. 

If you are wondering if witches are actually real, then we can end your search. Read on as we answer the question “Are witches real?”

Witches Have Morals

Witches are not the creatures portrayed in fairytales and horror stories. Much of this assumption was created to discredit the pagan religion in times gone by. In fact, witches have a very strict moral code. 

This code works on the principle that what you do to others comes back to you. However, in witchcraft, it is known as the threefold rule. Whatever you do comes back to you three times as bad. 

While some witches may have negative rituals, such as hexes and curses, it is rare. Many use witchcraft to bring themselves closer to spiritual enlightenment and balance. It is practiced widely and though they may not be the witches you imagined, they are living amongst us. 

Witches Have Covens

If you are asking yourself “Do witches exist?” then many groups of practicing witches prove it. These are often known as a coven and can number from two to several witches. Covens are usually descended from one of the many splinter sects of certain witchcraft followings. 

If you are wondering how to become a witch, then there are lots of resources online. However, many witches believe the only true way is through training and following an apprenticeship with an established witch. This will then lead to an initiation into the coven itself went the time is right. 

Witches do exist on their own, and this is primarily down to the influence of internet culture. It is easier to form long-distance covens and learn witchcraft from the comfort of the home. 

There Are Male Witches

There is a lot of mythology around witches from popular culture. Surprisingly, while some of it is wrong, a lot is right. Witches do meet in covens, worship the moon, and chant. 

However, what popular culture fails to address is that not all witches are female. The split is probably 50/50 between men and women. 

This is despite the fact that the founder of Wicca was a man named Gerald Gartner. Even witches in history, such as Old Mother Shipton, Mega Bien, and the Salem Witches, were all remembered mainly because they were women. 

People outside of witchcraft assume males are actually given the title Warlock. This actually means ‘oath breaker’ and is considered a grave insult. Ask around and you are sure to find male practicing witches in your local community. 

Are Witches Real?

Now you can answer the question “Are witches real?” you can see that they do exist. They may not be the evil, spellcasting ones you have in your imagination. Witches are in fact normal people that live day-to-day lives. 

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