Thor’s Hammer Meaning

Let’s unleash the mystery behind Thor’s iconic hammer

 Are you a die-hard fan of Marvel and fascinated by Thor’s hammer? Your love for Thor’s Hammer’s inclining you to get its tattoo or necklace?

Thor Hammer
Thor Hammer

But, before, that decision, you want to be sure about its symbolism?

Well, if so far, our questions resonated well with your thoughts, be assured, you are going to get all the relevant details right here.

So, keep reading here to uncover all the interesting and wow details.

So, to ensure you will not  be wasting your reading time, we are here with a quick glimpse of the information that you are going to get in this piece:

How did Thor get his hammer?
What is Thor’s hammer called?
Thor in DC
Who all lifted Thor’s hammer?
Thor’s hammer necklace meaning

So, ready to go on THOR’S HAMMER JOURNEY?

Let’s get started!

To begin with, let’s understand the role of Thor’s hammer as it will empower you even more to get the tattoo or necklace in the end.


How did Thor get his hammer?

Mythologies are always adventurous, right? So what’s the story behind Thor’s hammer? 

Let’s indulge into it.

The story begins with the king of mischief Loki. One day Loki plans a prank on Thor’s wife and chops off her beautiful hair while she was asleep. Thor became infuriated by this incident. 

Now Loki thought how could he fix Sif’s hair? 

He knew that he could be rescued only in one way, by the dwarves. 

But why would they help Loki? 

Thus he made a plan. His plan was to make the two families of dwarves fight against each other. 

He visited the sons of Ivaldi. He said that their rivals Brokk and Eitri claimed that they were the best craftsmen in the world, and a competition would be held to prove this, where each family has to make gifts for the gods, which included the golden hair for Sif. 


Then he approached Brokk and Eitri and told them the same thing. The brothers agreed to take part in this competition only if Loki put his head on the line. If Brokk and Eitri won, Loki has to give away his head to them. Loki was left with no choice but to agree. 

Eager to know what happened next? Then keep reading.

He tried to make sure that the sons of Evaldi won. Loki appeared to Brokk in the form of a fly and tried to distract him in every possible way, so that he made mistakes in his work while preparing the gifts for gods. As the fly bit Brook’s eye, he lost his concentration for a moment and Loki thought that his mission was accomplished. That was very smart of Loki, isn’t it?

Therefore the gifts were presented to the gods. The son of Evaldi made beautiful hair for Sif which was prettier than her original hair. One of the gifts made by Brokk and Eitri  was a hammer called Mjolnir. 

The handle of the hammer was too short and Loki made fun of it. Then Brokk revealed its abilities. The hammer would never shatter, never miss its mark and always return to Thor’s hand when thrown. 

Isn’t that great qualities? 

All the gods agreed that this was the finest gift of all. In this way Thor got his historic hammer. 

Hence, if you decide to wear Thor’s Necklace,it indeed will not be a bad decision at all,.

But, don’t settle here, there is more to know about its symbolism and meaning for which keep reading its insights.

What is thor’s hammer called?

Thor’s hammer is one of the most iconic weapons in the world of mythology. 

Now, do you know, what does Thor mean? 

Thor means the god of thunder. The hammer is the symbol of thor’s power and ban of frost giants everywhere. 

The hammer is known by the name Mjolnir. 

Wondering What does Mjolnir mean? 

It means hammer or rock. According to Norse mythology the dwarves made this hammer. The hammer was made very heavy and strong. It was so heavy that not all gods were able to move it. 

Thor used to move the hammer around the sky and attack with thunder. According to Norse mythology many other gods were also able to move the hammer. The hammer also got stolen once, which he got back with the help of Loki.

The hammer was not always called by this name. Then what was it called? Let’s dig the details here.

When Thor was first being born as the god of thunder, this hammer was given a different name. It was called ‘Uru’, which means great and large. 

This name was first used in Journey into Mystery number 83 printed in December 1962. Uru was actually the mythological name of the hammer. After many controversies it was replaced by the name Mjolnir.


There is more to the story of Thor. DC comics created their own version of Thor. His hammer was called Mjolnir, which made appearances in adventure comics number 75.

The strange case of the luckless liar and the sandman story The villain from Valhalla. This villain was Thor, very different from the Marvel hero whom we love. 

Very surprising, right?

Who all lifted Thor’s hammer?

Thor’s hammer was bound by magic in such a way that only worthy people were able to lift it up. If the person lifting the hammer is worthy, he will be able to possess the powers of Thor. 

Then how other people were able to lift it up? Well, many characters tried over the years to lift up the hammer, some through loopholes and some through cheating. 

Both Hulk and Red Hulk lifted and used Thor’s hammer. Do you want to know how? Red Hulk grabbed the hammer while it was flying. Hulk also got the hammer in similar ways catching it while it was in motion.

Black Widow was also able to lift it once. An X-men member Storm was once able to lift the iconic hammer, by manipulating that storm is not much different from thunder-god. Deadpool once got the opportunity to hold Mjolnir and Loki was behind this. Loki manipulates Deadpool to steal the hammer. 

Superman got hold of both Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield only once to fight against the enemy. Later when he tried to lift it again to give it back to Thor, he was unable to move it. 

Loki was green with envy of Thor and tried in different ways to throw the hammer away from Thor but failed each time miserably. 

Was he able to lift it finally? 

Well, once during an event called ‘The Inversion’ Loki became a god of heroism and truth instead of mischief, and Thor became the super villain. Only at that time Loki was able to lift the hammer. This inversion spell did not last for a longer time and Loki lost the hammer to his brother again. 

Captain America could lift the hammer twice with his honesty and pure heart and morals.

Now, after knowing all about Thor’s Role in Real and Reel, lets finally enlighten you with Thor’s hammer spark if you wish to wear thor’s hammer necklace


You must have seen people wearing Thor’s hammer as a necklace? You must have heard about Thor’s hammer necklace meaning?

Thors Hammer
Thors Hammer

Well, keeping intact all its facts, Thor’s hammer represents his power and strength. 

The hammer is not only about strength, but also means boundaries and protection. 

Thor uses the hammer to fight against the giants and provides protection as a god. 

The hammer is the symbol of heathenry.

And so,  wearing a hammer is all about the sacred belief of heathens.

 Some people may also wear it as a symbol of fashion. Many people wear it to invoke the power of Thor and have a stronger inner strength. Many people get Thor’s hammer tattoo on their body. 

Thrilling, right?


Everything has a meaning and energy associated. And so, knowing the facts can always bring you closer to the real power of your possession. Having said, wearing Thor’s necklace or tattoo can be a great deal of empowering yourself  with its power and strength.

So, go ahead, stay trendy and be inspiring.

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