Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

A negative person is someone who puts you down or doesn’t let you feel good and happy. If you feel tired and unhappy after having an interaction with someone then chances are there that the person has a negative aura and he spreads negative energy. 

Many researchers suggest that such energy is measurable and real. Humans tend to pick up on the sadness, anger, and disappointment that others induce through their actions and harsh words. Our minds are good at reading those verbal and non-verbal cues from them even when they try to hide. 

Sometimes you do not feel comfortable with a person even when he hasn’t been rude, it happens because your subconscious mind can feel that negative vibration from that person. A negative person can give you negative emotions that can cause stress and it results in various health-related issues. 

In this article, I am sharing information regarding negative energies and their other aspects. Be there till the end.  

How To Identify Negative Energy In A Person: The Signs

There are 7 most common signs of a person with negative energy:-

1. They find fault with everyone and every situation

They are always very quick to judge others and they have problems with everyone. They are always unhappy with their life and think that their friends, family members, colleagues, and others are doing wrong. No matter how hard they try to make those people happy, they will find fault in it and nothing can please them. They hate to love things and love to hate things. 

2. They always try to bring everyone down with them

They always tend to make others unhappy or less enthusiastic by making them feel that their excitement is stupidity and not worthy. Negative people usually make others feel as unhappy as they are, when you share your sadness or problems with them they think that it will strengthen the relationship as both are in the same boat. When you feel happy they will try to make everything possible to bring you down. Sometimes they even make jokes about others’ appearances to make them insecure.

3. They do not tolerate disappointment

Negative people often get angry over little things. They are always disappointed with others’ actions. They shout even when they get food 10 mins late. Now you may think that they are disciplined and punctual but that’s not the case, they are constantly having negative thoughts that they exchange through this little anger and shouting. 

4. They can not handle criticism

Negative people often fail to take constructive criticism. They are very sensitive and always think that others are jealous of them when they get criticized. Constructive criticism acts like an attack on them.

5. They afraid to take risks

Negative people have a burden of negative thoughts that prevents them from taking calculated risks. They never think of taking risks, they think of losing more than winning and they are constantly afraid.

6. They quickly label things as bad 

Negative people usually label every other thing as bad. They are always pessimistic and when you say something good and exciting they will say that it is not even that good and it could be better. Their minds are surrounded by negative thoughts and they can not find an optimistic environment and they are always unhappy. 

7. They are secretive about themselves and curious about others

Negative people are reserved and secretive about their lives and things that affect them but they always poke their noses into their lives and they simply can’t mind their own business. The more negativity they have the more they interfere in others’ matters.   

Types Of Negative Energy

Signs of negative energy in a person

Various types of negative energies can affect your mental peace. There are mainly three types of negative energy:-

1. Negative people

These people make others sad, insecure and disappointed. They are the reasons for others’ negative thoughts and they always bring others down.

2. Negative environment

When you feel uncomfortable and gloomy in some places then it may be due to your experience associated with that place. But sometimes it is due to the negative energy present in the environment. Physical details of the environment can have a huge impact on one’s mood. 

3. Negative self-talk

When people feel low they usually get insecure and start blaming themselves and their negative emotions can harm mental peace. You need to be optimistic, that’s the only way to deal with problems.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Signs of negative energy in a person

If you want to get rid of negative energy then follow the given tips:-

1. Detach yourself from negative people

It is very important to cut down on the time you spend dealing with negative people. It is advisable to maintain boundaries with them and avoid being a part of their group. 

2. Practice calming techniques and meditation

It is the most efficient way to relax and stay away from negative energy. Meditation fills the mind with positivity and this prevents the entering of negative thoughts. 

3. Always have a clean workplace

It is very important to clear the clutters to free up space and get rid of useless things. This will bring positivity to your life and prevent negativity.

4. Say no to cribbing and whining

Complain less and focus on what you have and what you can achieve. Don’t compare yourself with others.


1. What are the signs of a negative person?
Negative persons usually complain a lot, they are pessimists and they always hesitate to experiment. They always play the victim card and think that the whole world is against them. 

2. What does negative energy indicate?
Negative energy indicates physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. It brings anger, sadness, and gloominess with it.  

3. How do you shut down negative people?
If you want to shut down negative people then the most important thing is to maintain distance from them or walk away. You should guard your time and choose your tribe wisely. 

4. What do you do when you feel negative energy?
If you feel negative energy then you need to declutter your house and office. Just have your favorite items and get rid of others. You need to work on yourself, exercise, eat healthy food and spend time with nature. 

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