Marres, House For Contemporary Culture

Capucijnenstraat 98
6211 RT Maastricht
The Netherlands
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 12–5pm

When you spill salt, do you throw some over your shoulder? Do you knock on wood when you want something good to happen or blow out birthday candles after making a wish? What about stepping on sidewalk cracks, killing spiders, shattering mirrors, and opening an umbrella indoors?


We are organizing a critical broadcast on the radio B.B.C. to explore various myths about superstition surrounding our day-to-day life and its differences in different countries, the psychology behind them, and how it affects our thought patterns in a bad way or good way.

We will be organizing a seminar on gems for different zodiac signs and will be having extensive discussions with Vedic astrologers on the same


54122 Dev Drive
New York, NY 10060


Working Hours
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday



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